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    Developed by Bennet Foddy, Getting Over It Ending is a platformer video game. It was released as a part of the October 2017 Humble Monthly on October 6, 2017, and was played by over 2.7 million players. Its steam version, as well as the iOS version, were released on December 6, 2017.

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    This game is all about exploring the concept of having a lot to lose. This article deals with all the details that the ones who want to play getting over it ending should be aware of.

    Everything You Need To Know About Getting Over It Ending

    Plot Of The Game

    In this infuriating game, a player is a man who is stuck in a cauldron. The goal is to ascend or climb up a mountain and are required to try until they fail and fall back to the bottom. The higher they get, the more it would hurt to lose the position as well as start over. The players do not see the man fall at all in the particular speedrun that makes the screaming, joyous ascent, even more, a beautiful thing to behold. This is because it is difficult to regulate the movement the threat of falling back to the bottom is always present as the player has to climb a mountain. The players in Getting Over It Ending By Bennett Foddy use a hammer to drag and push him up sheer cliffs as well as across overhangs.


    Revolving around a silent man by the name of Diogenes who lives in a large metal cauldron and wields a Yosemite hammer with the help of which he can use for gripping objects and move. The game also has a voice-over commentary by Bennet Foddy who discusses various philosophical topics. The commentary also provides quotations that are related to disappointment as well as perseverance when the player loses during significant progress. The player can move the man’s upper body as well as a sledgehammer with the help of a mouse or trackpad for climbing a steep mountain. As the player progresses up the mountain, the difficulty of the game increases. The player is at the constant risk of losing a part or the entire progress due to the absence of checkpoints. When the player reaches the highest point of the map for entering the space, the game concludes. After they reach the conclusion, a message pops up that asks the players if they are recording the gameplay. The game provides access to a chatroom which is populated by other players who have completed getting over it ending when the players indicate that they are not recording it. This is a punishing climbing game that pays homage to Jazzuo’s 2002 B-Game classic “Se-xy Hiking”. The player moves a hammer with the mouse and with practice they’ll be able to jump, swing, climb as well as fly. There are great mysteries as well as wonderful rewards when the master hikers reach the mountain top.

    Tips to Follow For Completing Getting It Over Ending

    For completing this infuriating game, the players should:

    • Use hammer as well as a pot for climbing up an enormous mountain
    • Listen to Bennet Foddy while he makes philosophical observations about the problem at hand
    • Finish the game for all the playtesters at the median time of 5 hours for finishing the game. The mean should, however, be closer to ∞.
    • Lose all your progress over and over again
    • Feel new types of frustrating that the player didn’t know was capable of
    • When reaching on top, the players get magical rewards

    The Final Thought

    Playing Getting Over It Ending is experiencing the specific flavor of frustration as well as in isolating it. This game holds a candle to the spectrum of delicious frustration that the videogames generate. Another demonstration of Foddy’s uncanny ability is to extract as well as synthesize emotions through mechanics.

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