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    Xiaomi Phones UNLOCK Bootloader- all variants

    TIRED OF DEVICE STUCK AT 50%? Well, I too was and did a thousand methods and it finally paid off.

    1. ADB DRIVERS INSTALLED –….php?t=2588979. or just android sdk platform tools. (Shift + right click>> command window, in the installed location. Run- adb devices (Enter key). if it shows something you are good to go.)
    2. Mi PC Suite- For the drivers
    3. Working Internet connection (not your phone’s internet, to run mi unlock verification)
    4. Download MI UNLOCK from
    5. Disable driver signature enforcement. Google it and use the temporary fix. (Choose reboot while pressing shift key, you will get all the menus)
    6. Preferably global dev rom , Latest version. Just update it via system updates. ( I updated mine to the latest version 7.2.24 beta and it paid off.)


    Most of us make mistake here and then blame mi developers. Kindly follow the process sincerely.

    1. create/log your MI account in device and fill at less phone number and email

    2. activate “locate service”, set your region in additional settings and sync it one time in mi cloud.

    3. install developer version (Some people claim on stable version too, but I had dev version )

    4. log your account on the forum and create/verify you have a forum nickname before. (I created my 3rd account because> while applying for unlock I always put my real name and my forum name was different. YOUR ACCOUNT NICKNAME AND NAME WHILE APPLYING UNLOCK SHOULD MATCH. It is a reason for that 50% stuck error.)

    5. now go to unlock miui page (PREFERRABLY >> EN.MIUI.COM)
    !!! the thing asked in chinese in first window to access the demand is your forum nickname !!!
    – now you are on the asking page : put your country code +xx (+91 for India) and complete by your phone number 0123456789
    note : the first 0 is not often needed, example : +xx 123456789 (without 0).

    7. type the reason to unlock like rooting, custom recovery usually, other… and valid your demand (My reason – Install custom rom and root it)

    You’ll get one sms to confirm that the demand is sent, then wait for 1-14day(s) the get 2nd sms for confirmation. (I have applied from 3 different accounts and got from all in 3 days
    Sometimes you don’t receive SMS, so just log to unlock site and check if you can download tool after some days. (Read it somewhere)

    Notes :

    – It is possible to make another device to receive the sms (your old device for example) and you don’t need to have your SIM inside during unlock – the only one rule is to be logged with your right account with/using phone number in device AND in unlock tool !
    – Keep in mind that the nickname could be a problem too : if it fails to log, type it without space or numbers.

    – In the developer options >> Mi unlock status – Click add devices. If its done it’s okay. IF NOT THEN IT’S ALSO OK.
    (I had 86012:some chinese letters error every time).

    Like all other threads. If you are here You know it.
    – go to and login with your unlock approved phone number. See find device and remove all except redmi note 4

    – also in the main menu sign/in to activate all menus.
    – Enable developer option. Select Oem unlock, USB debugging and USB debugging (Security settings).

    Now here we go !!

    1. Open command windows in your android sdk/ Minimal adb.
    2. type adb devices ( Will show your attached devices.
    3. Run Mi Unlock as admin
    4. Login using your Mobile number !!!
    5. In cmd window type adb reboot bootloader (mobile will boot to fastboot)
    6. type fastboot devices (will show the same as adb devices)
    7. Once in fastboot mode head over to MI Unlock tool. Click on Unlock


    I would thank Trahin from miui forum for a detailed guide.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
    Hey Guys Its Kashif, Founder of Tech Fire. I spend most of my free time creating content for my YouTube channel and this website. I started my YouTube channel at age 15 and my goal was to teach people what they can do with their gadgets.



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