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    Wrangle the wires behinds your desk with these cable management options


    USB Cables in a mess Source: Android Central

    cable management solutions
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    Whether you’re a seasoned vet of the desk life or you are new to the game, wires can get a bit wild, so a good cable management solution is paramount. No, the wires aren’t out to get you — it’s just some strands of metal and plastic — but sometimes it can feel that way. Not to worry, here are some great ways to get those cables under control and out of sight, whether you use a traditional desk or a standing desk. Our favorite option is the Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Management Tray, but there are a lot of other options, from full-on cord organization nirvana to finding the slightest bit of order in your mess of wires.

    Best Overall: Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Management Tray

    Scandinavian  Hub Wire Basket LifestyleSource: Scandinavian Hub

    This steel wire basket is one of the easiest ways to keep cables from cluttering up behind your desk and onto the floor. By putting your cables and even your power strip into this basket, the wires will be out of the way — and could possibly tangle — but easily accessible if you need them.

    The basket easily attaches to the underside of your desk with the included screws. Once you have it secured, simply bundle your cables up and place them into the basket. If you choose to put your power strip into the organizer, the only wire that will be exposed will be its plug heading to your wall outlet.

    You can attach the basket wherever it makes the most sense to you for organizing your wires. If you just want them out of the way and not hanging down behind your desk, done. If you’d prefer to organize them into the basket and still have easy access to plugs in your power strip, simply attach the basket where it best suits your needs.


    • Steel wire construction
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Installation hardware included


    • Wires could get tangled in the basket
    • Tools are required for installation

    Best Overall

    Scandinavian Hub Wire Basket Reco

    Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Management Tray

    You got it in the basket

    The steel wire construction of this basket allows it to handle all of your cable organization needs.

    Runner-up: Stageek Cable Raceway Kit

    Stageek Cable Management LifestyleSource: Stageek

    This cable management solution from Stageek is a great way to get all of your cords into one place and still be able to plug them in where the wire should go. The raceway installation is simple with the adhesive back that lets you stick it where you need it, but it does come with screws if you want a more permanent option.

    Once you get it installed in just the right spot, put your cables into the channel, pop the end out where it’s needed, and put the cover over the channel to keep the rest of the wires all in. The flexible material this raceway is made from means adjusting cables to come out at the right spot anywhere along the track is a breeze.

    Whether you’re organizing cables behind your computer desk or entertainment center, using the Stageek Cable Raceway Kit is a great way to clean up those cables. There are even pieces included in the kit to make getting around those pesky corners a snap.


    • Flexible material
    • Multiple mounting options included
    • Lots of plug exit points along the track


    • Adding or removing cables later can be tricky
    • Putting on or removing the cover is difficult in tight places


    Stageek Cable Management Reco

    Stageek Cable Raceway Kit

    Time to get on track

    This raceway kit keeps all your cords in one place and lets you pull the ends out through the flexible holes where you need to.

    Best Value: EVEO Cable Management Sleeve

    Eveo Cable Management Sleeve LifestyleSource: Amazon

    While the EVEO Cable Management Sleeve may not be able to handle your power strip as our overall choice can, it’s still a simple and clean way to organize your cables. This option requires zero tools or holes to be put into your desk. Instead, you simply zip up your cables.

    This is a neoprene tube, like wet suit material, with a built-in zipper to allow for easy access to your wires. All you have to do is unzip the sleeve, place your wires into it, then zip it up — voila! The stretchy material can adapt to a wide range of cable sizes and the number of cords.

    So if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to get all of your wires neatly together, then check out the EVEO Cable Management Sleeve.


    • Flexible neoprene material
    • Durable zipper closure
    • Easy to add or remove wires
    • No tools required for installation


    • A limited number of cables per sleeve
    • Cables can only exit the sleeve at the end
    • Can’t handle power strip

    Best Value

    Eveo Cable Management Sleeve Reco

    EVEO Cable Management Sleeve

    Zip it!

    The durable zipper and flexible neoprene sleeve make this cable management option an easy way to get your wires all together.

    Simple and Effective: VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

    Velcro One Wrap Cable Ties LifestyleSource: Amazon

    Velcro is one of the most well-known brands for its product line of hook-and-loop fasteners. Usually, when we think of Velcro, it’s the super scratchy stuff. Luckily, these straps are not that kind of loud and aggressive Velcro you may be used to. These straps are still going to do a fantastic job keeping your cables together despite being made of a softer, more manageable type of Velcro.

    Using these straps is simple and allows for adjustments as needed to put in a new cable or remove one. Aside from sticking to itself very well, it also incorporates a slot to feed the end through for even better-grasping power.

    Regardless if you’re just trying to get your cables organized in your bag or tidying up your desk, these colorful straps will let you quickly lock down your wild cords.


    • Very strong grip strength
    • Easy to adjust
    • Wide range of uses


    • Will require multiple straps for long rungs of cords
    • Only stick to themselves

    Simple and Effective

    Velcro One Wrap Cable Ties Reco

    VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

    Time to strap in

    Sometimes simple is the way to go, and these straps from Velcro are about as simple as it gets.

    Best Cable Clip: OHill Self Adhesive Cord Holders

    Ohill Cable Clips LifestyleSource: Amazon

    Cable clips might not be enough to solve a hectic bundle of wires, but they can make organizing them a bit easier, especially when paired up with some of the options above.

    These handy little rubber clips work great for keeping ends of cables easily accessible. Once you find the spot on your table that you want to keep your regularly used plugs handy, just peel the back off and stick the clip into place. Next, it’s as simple as pressing the wire into the slot just behind the plug when you aren’t using the cord, and the holder will keep it from sliding off the desk.

    There are a variety of slot sizes and several slots available to handle various cables. While you can use multiple clips in a row to wrangle cables to where you want them, these work best when trying to keep that phone charge cable in reach on your desk.


    • The small size works in lots of areas
    • Multiple clip size options
    • Can hold more than just cables


    • Aren’t repositionable
    • Can’t handle a large bundle of cables

    Best Cable Clip

    Ohill Cable Clips Reco

    OHill Self Adhesive Cord Holders

    Clip it and forget it

    With these clips from OHill, you’ll never have to worry about your phone cord sliding off your desk when you’re done with it.

    Most Durable: Monoprice Workstream

    Monoprice Workstream Cable Tray LifestyleSource: Monoprice

    If you are looking for an under-desk cable tray that not only looks sleek and modern but is also going to be able to handle almost anything you put on it, then the Workstream from Monoprice is for you.

    This powder-coated steel tray mounts directly to the underside of your desk with a couple of screws in no time. Once you have it attached, you’ll be able to run your cables through it to get them organized and out of the way. The bottom of the tray has two large holes, one on each end so that cords can easily pass through to keep everything looking clean.

    This minimal-looking tray will hold cables and power strips with no issues to make sure that your cords stay right where you want them. Not only does it hold up to all of your cable management needs, but it will also do it in style.


    • Made from durable steel material
    • Simple installation
    • Large pass-through holes on the bottom


    • Can collect dust
    • Solid design restricts airflow

    Most durable

    Monoprice Workstream Cable Tray Reco

    Monoprice Workstream

    Modern management

    Monoprice’s Workstream under desk cable tray offers cable management with a minimalist style.

    Get it together

    As we get more and more things to plug in on our desks or behind our entertainment centers, cables can take over if we don’t do something to tame them. I mean, wires can even get a bit crazy with a simple workspace with a Chromebook. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get your wires organized, and the fastest and more versatile way is with the Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Management Tray.

    The steel wire construction will offer not only durability but allow for flexibility to bring cables into the channel. The holes in the wire basket are large enough to pass wires in and out so that you can get the wires where they need to go. Since the tray offers enough space for not only cables but also your power strip, if you want, you can get all of your cables organized for a safe and clean space. So whether it is all of your wires from your computer workspace or the plethora of devices plugged in at your entertainment center, this cable management tray can help solve the clutter.

    Credits — The team that worked on this guide

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