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    Why The Cost of iPhone is More in India?

    Its an obvious query among the tech enthusiasts that, iPhone’s are always priced more that Android smartphones or as a matter of fact any smartphone.

    iPhone 5s was the first ever smartphone in the world to feature 64 bit processor in a mobile phone and also first civilian smartphone that offered biometric finger print sensor. The initial cost of this device was around INR 50,000 now, after almost four years of its launch, the device now retails for just INR 15,000. And people do buy it as well.

    Apple’s iPhone are not only priced for the hardware, but it includes software, after sale service and quality of construction. The iPhone 5s was launched four years feature with ground breaking features, now after those four years, the device does support upcoming major software update AKA iOS 11. On the contrary, the two year old nexus 5x and nexus 6 doesn’t get the sweetness of Android O, being controlled by Google or Android. Even the Chinese smartphone brand stated that, their one year old flagship device will receive android Nougat, now everyone knows the story about OnePlus 5.


    However, the device may not support all the features completely, but at least security updates makes sure not to bother about any malware or loopholes. Though we don’t recommend you to buy a iPhone 5s in 2017, but if you have one already be worry free, as Apple takes care of its old customers as well.

    One more amazing thing about Apple is their MacBooks, the upcoming macOS High sierra can be installed in a MacBook or iMac as old as 2010 model, so kudos to Apple. If you think you are investing heavily on a Apple branded hardware, then you won’t regret about the choice made even after few years, unless its stollen or physically damaged at any point of time.



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