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    When will Season 17 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ be on Netflix? – What’s on Netflix


    when will greys anatomy season 17 be on netflix

    Grey’s Anatomy – Picture: ABC

    Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy will soon be wrapping up on ABC with its much shorter season this year due to the pandemic. Will this impact the Netflix release? Let’s take a look below.

    Season after season, Grey’s Anatomy continues to break more records. At 16 seasons, the series continues to be the longest-running scripted primetime carried by ABC, and also exceeds the likes of other highly popular medical-drama series such as ER, M*A*S*H, and Scrubs.

    The series comes from super-producer Shonda Rhimes who famously struck a deal with Netflix a couple of years ago and has a suite of projects that kicked off at the end of 2020 with the release of Bridgerton.

    Grey’s Anatomy season 17 tackled COVID-19 head-on with “the premiere will pick up six weeks into the global crisis.” The seventeenth season was affected by the pandemic itself although it did manage to begin airing new episodes from November 12th, 2020.

    When will season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy be on Netflix US?

    Typically the release of the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy is like clockwork, becoming available to stream on Netflix every May.

    Unfortunately, a May 2021 release date again for season 17 is almost impossible given the fact the series had a six-month filming delay due to the coronavirus pandemic which disrupted the majority of on-set productions around the world and particularly the United States.

    Grey’s Anatomy – Shondaland Productions

    The finale of the seventh season is set air on June 3rd, 2021 after a total of 17 episode (shy of its usual 20+ episode count).

    With all previous seasons of Grey’s Anatomy coming out around a month after its finale, we’re currently expecting season 17 of Grey’s to be on Netflix in either late June or July 2021.

    Will Grey’s Anatomy be leaving Netflix?

    For as long ABC continues to produce Grey’s Anatomy, the series will remain on Netflix. This is due to the “legacy contract” that was made years ago.

    Once the final season of Grey’s Anatomy is broadcast, and arrives on Netflix, only then can we speculate on when Grey’s Anatomy could leave Netflix.

    Grey’s Anatomy – Shondaland Productions

    Shonda Rhimes projects to look forward to on Netflix

    In July 2018, Netflix signed an exclusive output deal with Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. The deal includes a total of eight new shows, written and produced by those working at Shondaland, Rhimes’ production studio.

    The highly anticipated adaptation of the novel Bridgerton is the first project coming to Netflix from Shonda Rhimes, with a second series, Inventing Anna, scheduled to arrive sometime in 2020.

    Shonda Rhimes is one of many talented creators that Netflix has snapped up to produce exclusive content.

    More of Shonda Rhimes on Netflix

    Currently, there are three further series from Shondaland on Netflix:

    • How to Get Away with Murder (5 Seasons)
    • Private Practice (6 Seasons)
    • Scandal (7 Seasons)

    64th Annual Golden Globe Awards – Copyright. Getty Images

    When will Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy be coming to other regions?

    Most regions can now enjoy Grey’s Anatomy on Disney+Star which hosts numerous ABC shows.

    Sky has also been the home of Grey’s Anatomy for many years, so to watch the medical drama in the UK you will need a subscription to Sky TV. You can use the on-demand service to catch up with episodes, or simply record those you don’t want to miss.

    Netflix Canada follows a very similar schedule to that of the US, therefore once we know a US release date a Canadian one will follow after.

    Australian fans can catch the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Seven’s primary channel.

    Are you looking forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy season 17 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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