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    Why Whatsapp Is Down ? Whatsapp Down on New Year 2018

    WhatsApp Server Goes Down: WhatsApp being the foremost used instant messenger server went down simply before the clock resets to 2018. everybody staring at the messenger app to urge over WhatsApp. many of us from totally different countries call to their family and friends to want them a contented new year using WhatsApp is currently adapting Facebook messenger instead.

    The messages that are being sent through the moment messenger aren’t being delivered. The reason for the disruption is unknown. once the difficulty occurred antecedently in early November, Downdetector reported over 7 000 reports from South Africa alone and also the downside then was because of a dragon a server. it’s also bee reported that WhatsApp intimate issues once later in the night. It’s been quite an associate hour and isn’t nonetheless resolved.

    The twitter goes crazy as many folks choose Twitter over WhatsApp as they don’t have the other choice to communicate.

    The outage seems to possess hit abundant of united states and a few alternative countries like India. shows the problem has unfolded across the world, with users within the UK and Europe worst off. One wrote: “Messages won’t deliver. Can’t see once individuals are online. this is my lifeline for my New Year plans. I’ve had to travel old fashioned and text and ring individuals.”

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