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    What you have to do if you lose your favorite music files from hard drive

    On average, modern computers can store up to thousands of songs. Each of us now has a private song storage warehouse that is quite complete. But that does not mean that we are free from problems. No matter how sophisticated our computer devices are, data loss is something that can’t be completely avoided. You certainly have experience of losing your favorite music from the hard drive. That is certainly very annoying, imagine how we find nothing when we are eager to listen to them. But don’t worry because every problem always has a solution and in this case, Recoverit MP3 Video Recovery Software is the best mp3 recovery option you can take. This is a versatile software that is able to provide quick solutions to various data loss scenarios. Our years of experience have taught that this is one of the best.

    recoverit mp3 video recovery software

    If you are working on a Mac system then you must use the Mac version of Recoverit MP3 Video Recovery Software. We are now heading to the stages of recovery. Of course the steps in question are quite easy to follow as you don’t need to have special computer skills to run this program.

    Stage 1:

    Download and install Recoverit on your computer. You can download this for free. Again, if you use a Mac then you have to download the Mac version.

    Stage 2:

    At this stage you need to scan your MP3 data. First specify in the folder where the data was previously stored. If you have found the folder in question then scan your hard drive. The system will scan MP3 files deleted immediately.

    MP3 file recoveryStage 3:

    This is the final stage. You can preview the files that have been successfully scanned. Here you will be given a choice; do you want to continue or not. If you have selected the MP3 files you want, then click “Recovery” and the system will recover the files you want.

    To note:

    Do not restore your MP3 files to their original location or in other words put them back in the folder where they came from. If you do this then you will put a data on the same data trace, which means you will potentially frustrate your recovery action.

    Recoverit supports any format

    You can recover songs in various formats, not limited to the MP3 format. You can recover your files in MP4 format for example if you want. Some examples of formats supported by Recoverit are MP4, WMV, MP3, FLV, SWF, MOV and AVI.

    Recoverit can recover data from various types of storage

    No matter you save your files on a hard disk or SD card, the software can restore them. For Mac users who often experience data loss problems when using iTunes (to restore), then Recoverit Recovery Software is the best alternative. Using this software will not make you lose other data.

    MP3 recovery

    Hopefully this article can give you useful information. Thank you for reading!

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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