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    10 Best Websites To Download PC Games In 2018

    Every one of us wants to Play games and also want them literally for free though not all games are free, some require the original version. Nowadays you can get each and every game for free online, so who’s gonna buy it unless you want an online experience and fun.

    Most of us download games from Torrent which is the biggest platform for online games, movies and more. The difficulty comes when torrent doesn’t provide us with the Right amount of download speed and most of the torrents are Blocked in specific countries so it is really hard nowadays to find Free games with good Download speed.

    So here we have covered the Full top 10 Listed website from where you can download PC games for free. These website shown here are all tested and they are safe for downloading games.

    Download PC Games For Free:

    1. All Games A to Z:

    The website provides Tons of free games that you can download for free it is for  PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The interface of the website is very simplistic and easy to understand. Additionally, you can use the website to download games for MAC.


    This is also one of the top website that provides full version pc games for free on different operating systems in the market.  But the interface is not so user-friendly like the other websites. It provides a huge number of best PC games of a genre like Action games, Strategic games, Logic games, Adventure games, Racing games and various Sports games.


    This is one my Favourite website to download games for free and I even recommend my friends to download games from here. The website has lots and lots of collection of games and the website is also user-friendly. You will find all latest games with Crack here on the website.

    4. Game top:

    It is another Best pc game sites that offer tons of free and full version PC games. This site consists of games that are compatible with all versions of Windows and also the Apple Mac. It offers games of various genres like war games, sports games, games for girls, games for kids, car games, window games and much more.


    This is another website that you can visit to download games for free for PC. If you can latest games then you can visit the website and check whether your game is listed on the website or not.

    6. Mega Games:

    This is a kind of website that not only allows you download Pc games for free but also a range of 3d HD and PlayStation games for PC at free of cost. If the list of the games is increased, This has a potential to be one of the top 5 websites for free pc games. This site is one of the best PC Games Sites.


    This is another alternate website of Oceanofgames to download games for free. You will get all games for free here. the server downloading speed is good and you can expect to get all games that you want here.


    It is one of the top websites that provides a lot of information about the game like the screenshots, reviews and also the trailers for the game.


    The Pc games are the best Website with the best interface and design. The look and the interface are the Most eye-catching of the website. the website has a huge collection of games listed on the website. the games listed on the website is for free and you can download them anytime you like.


    The website game pressure is known for its game patches, this website provides game patches for free and even you can download them along with free games. All in all these all games are for free and you can easily download them going on to their website.

    So, These are the top 10 websites from where you can download PC games for free do try all the website listed above and choose your best option.

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