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    5 Easy Way to Backup Your WordPress Website

    Nowadays, 60% of the world total websites are working on the WordPress, and it is one of the most convenient option to maintain it. So, here are some of the best ways to backup your WordPress website:

    Backup WordPress with phpAdmin

    One of the basic method to backup your wordpress website, is just simply by downloading copy of your sites database and files. Then by logging on to your web host control panel then simply click on phpMyAdmin, then after selecting the database you have to choose your WordPress installation according to your choice and download it.

    backup wordpress site

    Backup WordPress Blog With Web Host

    The Web Host makes the best backup of website. Some of the host can do the backing up of the website automatically which will help you to check if anything has been going in a right way or not.

    Backup WordPress site With Plug-In

    This is one of the most convenient tool which can be used as a backup is plug-in wordpress. Besides being easy to use and you will have to get messed up with any control panels or any other programs.  In this the backups are generated within the wordpress only with an ease. It is very cheap and allows to download a backup to your local computer.

    Automatically Backup to Dropbox

    If you want to download the WordPress site with an ease and free then you should use WordPress plug-in that will  help to backup automatically your website to the Dropbox which will truly keep you tension free from downloading your backups without forgetting.  The plug in will take care of all the things.

    WordPress Website backup

    Required to Pay for WordPress Backup Service

    In this there are two services which are available, VaultPress and CodeGuard backup your WordPress website to your servers. The main functionality is totally based on a real time backups, change detection and finally restoring within a single click.

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