How to Fix Volume icon Popup Problem on Screen in iPhone


Apple devices come with great hardware and interface. Apple device doesn’t often face issues related to hardware. iOS 12 being the latest update makes the device smoother to run.

In this blog, we will be talking about the problem which some users are facing and it might be the case that you are also facing the same issue. We are talking about volume icon button which keeps on appearing on the home screen whenever you open the device.

When you try to open an App first thing you are seeing is volume icon then you are facing the same issue. We will be talking about every fix which you can apply to remove this sort of problem. Here we go.

How to fix volume icon keeps on appearing on screen

Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem

Are you facing an issue where you are getting a constant popup of the volume icon on the screen? You are on the right page if you are looking for the fixes.

Before we proceed to check from where the problem is arising please look at the below steps. Do all the below step once before move forward.

Quick Tips Before Moving Forward

  • Remove any case
  • Toggle the side switch multiple times
  • Clean the switches and buttons
  • Force close open and suspended apps
  • Reset All Settings on the device
  • Restart or Force Restart
  • Inspect for any water or liquid damage
  • Contact Apple Support when you suspect hardware problems

If you are done with this and still your problem is not solved then the problem might be different. We will look at every problem and hence let’s start with the basic.

Stuck in Headphone Mode

Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem

If you have stuck in headphone mode then the problem is something different then this one and hence you have to look for other alternatives. Follow the below steps to solve the problem of headphone mode.

  • Clean your headphone or lightning port.
  • Try connecting and then immediately disconnect Bluetooth.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode
  • Fire up a music app
  • Make an audio recording using apps like Voice Memos
  • Also, make sure your battery has a charge of at least 30%.  If less than that, charge it and see if the power level was the problem.
  • Finally, close all your open applications by double-tapping Home or swiping up the Home Gesture Bar and then swiping up to close each and every app.  Then restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button.

Above steps will help you to get rid of headphone mode.

Remove any case

If your phone is surrounded by any case then try to remove it. Because this problem arises due to the case only. Some case is designed in a very complex manner due to which some user face this issue.

Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem

Often case pushes the volume button and you might not be aware of this so try removing the case to solve this problem.

Clean the Contacts

Clean all the spaces around the volume button. Particularly iPhone model is very prone to dirt and hence remove any dirt surrounding the volume button.

Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem

If there is any toggle button then side switch it back and forth more than 10 times to solve the problem.

Go to settings app

  • Open Settings > Sounds & Haptics
  • Toggle Off Change With Buttons
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
  • Check and see if the Ringer/Volume Icon is now unstuck or still stuck!

Reset all the settings

Reset all your setting to the default if you have made any change.

  • Open Settings > General > Reset 
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
Fix Volume icon Popup Problem
  • Tap Reset All Settings

Contact Apple support

If you are still facing the same issue then try to contact Apple. They will guide you to a better solution. You can contact Apple via Apple Support online

It’s a convenient way to solve your problem.

I hope that all of the above steps will solve your problem and make your device run smoother. Follow us on social media platform to know more about new geeks.