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    Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition launched

    Huawei has now revealed a launch of its new Smart TV in China dubbed by the name as Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition. The latest Smart TV is currently listed on Huawei’s official store on JingDong.com, though there is no information about the price.

    Huawei Vision Smart TV Specifications

    The latest Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition comes with some of the upgraded new features as compared to its predecessor. To start with, the Smart TV comes pre-loaded with the Huawei Vision that is an AI smart eye camera that pops up whenever there is a need. The camera can be used for the purpose of video calls and more.

    Smart TV also features a built-in AI fitness 2.0 function. With this, the AI Smart Eye will automatically recognize human bones and joints in the real-time scenario and it will also offer guidance for the different exercises. Moreover, one can pause the exercise by waving your arms, and one can skip the lesson by waving the right hand. The Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition comes with the 128GB of internal storage along with the 4GB RAM.

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    Vision Smart TV

    Smart TV is also capable of monitoring children viewing distance and postures. The AI smart eye cameras scans for the posture and its prompt reminder if it notices an incorrect posture or if bright light is detected. Parents can also turn on the adult monitoring function on the Smart TV.

    It also comes with the Huawei share that allows the transferring of smartphone content on the big screen. Moreover, one can use it as a remote to control the TV.

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