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    Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android & iOS

    Virtual Reality nowadays has become one of the biggest news in the market. Just after Google announced its official VR app after that now everyone is looking for a VR App. So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 VR apps for Android an iOS:

    Google Street View

    This is an official app from the tech giant company Google which lets you travel the world with the help of a 360 photos uploaded by the users. You can travel (virtually) almost all the popular places across the globe. There is also an option to search for a place in the app, then select the 360 photo and press the cardboard button on the top right corner.

    Android VR

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    YouTube is a no-brainer. It already has lots of VR(Virtual Reality) enabled videos, and it’s directory just gets bigger day by day. Also, there is a dedicated channel for the videos which is available in the 360 where you can find amazing VR videos in extremely high quality. For using videos with the help of VR you just have to press cardboard button on the top right corner while playing the video.

    Virtual Reality

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    Within, is an app which is a hub for high-quality VR videos. It contains a wide range of amazing 360 content such as short films, concert events, Saturday night live and much more. New content is added semi-frequently. The videos available here are of very large sizes due to high quality in it.

    Android VR

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    Discovery VR

    The people behind the Discovery Channel have come up with an app to offer more of the immersive viewing experience and it is great. The discover VR app lets you immerse yourself in various experiences, ranging from shark-infested shipwrecks to free-boarding the windiest street in the world!

    Virtual Reality Apps

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    Google Cardboard

    Cardboard is a which is available by the Google which they recommend to use with the help of a Google cardboard. Also, it supports various other virtual reality headsets. For using it with other VR headsets, you just have to scan the QR code of your headset and then you are ready to go. This app has an inbuilt video player, arctic journey, photo viewer, google earth, and much more.

    Google VR

    To Download Click Here.

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