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    VideoProc: All-in-One Software to Process, Convert, Download and Record 4K Videos

    4k videos are quite overwhelming to see as it comes with very high quality. Nowadays as technology is growing day by day you can easily record and process 4k videos from Go Pro, smartphone and digital camera. While the quality of convert 4k videos is unmatched, the challenges faced by 4k video is extremely high when its come to playing it on the old device.

    Hence to get rid of all these problems we can use VideoProc, a full-featured 4k video processor which will help you to edit, resize, adjust, transcode the 4K UHD videos. It’s a one-stop video processing software.

    Basically, iPhone users are restricted to use some third-party application and hence they find it quite difficult to edit, resize, adjust, transcode their 4K UHD. VideoProc will help them to do the above stuff with ease. Some add-ons which are included in VideoProc are that It also offers the solutions to download online videos from 1000+ sites, record webcam/screen at same time, record iPhone screen without the red bar, etc.

    Why use VideoProc?

    process 4K videos

    VideoProc is generally favored over the other video processing such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC Vegas, Final Cut X. Reason being, its nice simple and interactive interface. Even a beginner can use this software with ease without finding any problem. Secondly, it uses level 3 hardware acceleration technology which is powered by Intel, AMD, Nvidia GPU.

    It is the best video processor for video footages shot by action cameras like GoPro, drone, DSLRs, iPhones. None other processors can match the 47X faster speed and lowest CPU usage feature of VideoProc.

    Some of the main reason why we should use VideoProc is given below.

    • Unsupported Format/Codec 

    There are certain videos which are in the format of  MKV, FLV, AVI are generally not supported in iPhone. This is the problem which you may encounter. The second issue which you can face while shooting a video on iPhone is that you can’t share the video on other devices as it will be led to fiasco because the video of iPhone is generally in the format 4K HEVC which might be not supported on other devices.

    Last but not least, the issue which you will face to unable to import iPhone HEVC, VBR videos to Premiere.

    • The problem in video editing

    In iPhones, you generally find a problem while editing or processing large 4k videos hence you can use VideoProc to edit the videos. Your iPhones may lag or freezes while editing a large video. The solution to all the above mention problem is VideoProc.

    • Unable to share video due to large size

    Sometimes a problem may have occurred to iPhone user that they are not able to share the videos on social media websites due to its limit as Videos exceed the length limit of video sharing sites. Aspect ratio is often not right and hence you may get the video or image out of the frame.

    • Bad Video Resolution/Quality

    There are the whole bunch of problems faced by iPhone users when it comes to video quality. Some of the problems occur when they try to upload Hd videos on websites. After uploading the video quality decreases. Also while recording the iPhone screen, red bar can be easily seen on the display which can be quite annoying.

    Now after discussing various problem faced by iPhone user in terms of video we will now focus on the features of VideoProc which will help you to encounter all the shortcomings.

    How to use VideoProc

    Codec Support

    VideoProc supports all types of video as well as audio formats. The videos which are shot on GoPro, Blue-ray videos, HDTV/HD-camcorders videos, 4K UHD HEVC/H.264 is easily supported. It convert 4k videos to any given format very faster due to its level-3 GUP acceleration which is powered by NVIDIA CUDA/NVENC, and AMD.

    4K videos processing

    What follows is the list of audio as well as video formats supported by VideoProc.

    Audio format– MP3, AC3, AAC, FLAC and more.

    Video format- MP4, AVI, FLV, MKS, MOV, MPEG4, H.264, HEVC, WMV, MTS, M2TS, TS, AVCHD, MOD and more.

    In-Built Downloader

    Video Pro consists of inbuilt online video downloader from where you can download videos from youtube, facebook, and various other websites. It is very easy to use. If you are using any other video downloader then very likely you will be able to notice some changes in terms of downloading speed.

    Steps to use In-built downloader are given below.

    • Launch VideoProc. Go to downloader sectiondownload 4K videos
    • The below screen will pop 4K videos
    • Click on Add video and enter the URL of the 4K videos
    • After pasting the link click on 4K videos
    • download 4K videos
    • There will be a various option for you in which quality you want to download. Select the one which you want to download and click download 4k videos selected video.
    • download 4K videos
    • The download will start in a few seconds. The downloading speed, as well as the percentage, will be displayed on the screen.

    VideoProc Screen Recorder

    This feature of VideoProc is quite overwhelming to use as it records the screen and saves it at the same time. There will be no visibility of the red bar on the screen which is quite pleasing. One of the Best Feature of VideoProc is that you don’t have to wait for the video to be saved as it will save your video automatically once you stop the screen recording.

    Follow the below steps to record your screen without the red bar.

    • Launch VideoProc and head towards screen recorder.record 4K videos
    • record 4K videos
    • This screen recorder function helps you to record the screen as well as you can also record from the webcam. If you want to record the video of the screen then you can click on the screen button.
    • record 4K videos
    • You can click on the red button which is present in below extreme right side. The recording will start and once you are done with recording click on the stop button.
    • record 4K videos
    • You can press “CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R” to stop the recording.
    • You can also press “CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T” to open paint tools.
    • After your recording has been stopped you can find the video in the folder whose directory is ” c/user/username/VIDEO/VideoProc

    Video Proc Video Processing / Editing Software

    This is the best feature of VideoProc as it will let you edit, trim, cut and process the videos very faster. It almost does all the above stuff at a 4X faster speed than any other software. You can also edit any video from YouTube and later post it. It is very useful for YouTubers out there as you get hell lot of option to edit.

    iPhone Video Processing

    Follow the below steps to edit the video.

    • Launch VideoProc and head towards Video.
    • convert 4K videos
    • You can dragon drop the video from your computer to the desired location in Video Proc. After the video is inside the video proc you will get a various option like edit, trim, cut, crop you can select your desired option from there.
    • convert 4K videos
    • The above figure depicts how you can cut the video. After setting the frame click on Cut button to trim down the video.
    • Crop- The above diagram will help you to know how you can crop the video.

    Download VideoProc

    Click on this link to download this awesome VideoProc software and start using it right away.

    So what are you waiting for. Download the VideoProc software and start using it right away. Share this article with your friends and family member so that they know about this amazing software.




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