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    How To Use Your iPhone As a Secret Camera: iPhone Lifehacks

    Have you ever heard that you can use your iPhone as a secret camera? Yes! You can use your iPhone as a secret camera using few simple apps. So read the whole article and you will get to know how you can make your iPhone a secret camera.

    Now you must be thinking that why should I use my brand new iPhone as a secret camera or a security camera, well, you all must have an old version of iPhone which you don’t use much you can take those and simply use that as your Experimenting device. Well, don’t get me wrongs that’s just a little opinion.

    People are understandably concerned these days about security, both for themselves and for their family. It’s a dangerous world out there. But security cameras are expensive things to buy. Luckily, the whole “there’s an app for that!” philosophy has extended to security apps. You can install one on an old smartphone or tablet, and log in on another device or online to watch. Sounds Interesting right?

    So guys, Let us check out the whole process step by step!.

    Here Are The Two Apps You Need:

    1. Presence:

    The main advantage of using this App Presence is that you can log in to their website to view your camera, You don’t need to be around your home you can easily access it while traveling. To use this you need to keep one of your camera open which would be in your home ( acting as a secret/security camera) and the other one with for observing.

    When you download the app onto your phone, there are some options that you need to configure.

    presence app

    Here are some cool feature about Presence:

    • There is a button to snap photos. So if your burglar is standing right there with their face showing, you can speak directly through your microphone and take their photo.
    • On the website, you can switch cameras. So if the device at home is currently using the back camera, you can remotely switch to the front camera instead.
    • You can remotely turn the flashlight on and off to illuminate a dark room. Although that is kind of a giveaway to anyone there. Don’t be surprised to see them do a Usain Bolt out the front door.
    • You can dim the screen if you don’t want to make it obvious there is a camera. This won’t affect the quality of the picture at the other end.
    • You can set a PIN to stop a burglar from disabling and uninstalling the app.
    • Specify the sensitivity of the motion capture. If you don’t want your cat constantly setting the alarm off, push the sensitivity higher.
    • Allow audio streaming. Turn the sound right up and record the burglars talking.
    • If the motion sensor kicks in, it can set off an alarm – which can only be turned off with a password.

    2. Alfred:

    Alfred is the 2nd app that you can use to make your old iPhone into a security secret camera. Alfred has more features than Presence and the picture quality in Alfred is much better than Presence.

    • On the video screen, there is a microphone button. Press it down to use the app like a walkie-talkie to listen to the audio at the other end. The camera icon only snaps photos.
    • In the settings, you can set up a “Trust Circle”. This is where you can use the iOS share feature to send someone a link to access the camera (the police? A relative? A neighbor?).
    • The app can remind you when you are out or at home, whether or not you want the motion detection alerts switched on or off.
    • Switch an “Auto Low-Light Filter” on and off when it is dark or gloomy in the room, for a better view.

    To set up Alfred, you need two iOS devices, one to act as a “viewer” and one to act as a “camera”. The camera obviously sits in your home and you take the viewer with you for when you get alerts. An iPad works perfectly as the viewer. You also have to sign into both devices with a Gmail address, which will “pair” the viewer and camera together.


    It comes with many of the features Presence does. Motion sensor sensitivity, dimming the screen, push notifications and some more.

    Well, these are not Professional Security cameras if you are thinking, will I get the best of features using this couple of apps? Yes! you will! here are some of the best features that you can get using this app which you will get on professional security cameras. So travel all around and use your iPhone as a security camera, no worries!

    So guys, share your opinions on these two apps with us. Thanks for reading our article and we hope you guys have a great day.


    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.



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