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    How to Use TOR on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak

    Today we will be looking at your privacy and help you to main it safely, Sounds kinda twisted right? Well, today we will show you how you can use TOR to keep your browsing details private and the best part you don’t need any kind of jailbreak to use TOR.

    TOR is a network which claims to keep your browsing data private and increase your online privacy by attempting to anonymize web browsing activity. The basic working model of TOR is it works to take your IP into a series of anonymous TOR servers and then deliver you the web content that you are searching.

    We mostly use TOR on our desktop like you can use it on your Mac and also you can access it and use a TOR browser on the iPhone and iPad too.

    As we will show you without jailbreak, the steps are going to be very simple and easy to follow. We will be installing a third party TOR app for iPhone and iPad called Onion Browser. It’s free and does the job of connecting to TOR network on your browser. It will offer you some Level of TOR enormalitity and help you browse privately.

    How to Use TOR on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak:

    Note: To use TOR, you need to have the latest version of iOS installed on your device, a good internet connection ( Wifi Preferred ). The Onion Browser app comes from the App Store so you will need to download that from Apple Store.

    Here are the Steps You Need to Follow:

    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • Tor will initialize and when completed you will see a browser screen indicating it has successfully connected to the TOR network.
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • Once the TOR connection has completed, browse the web as usual in the Onion Browser app

    To be honest, there are still some flaws on Onion Browser as like all TOR browser: there might be some issues with opening of websites but mostly all website works fine.

    Note: Browsing the web with TOR is slow, this is because your network traffic is being distributed around the globe in an attempt to anonymize you and increase your privacy. That lagginess and speed reduction is experienced in any TOR browser, it’s not just Onion Browser.

    You can disconnect the Connection from the TOR server when ever you wish to, in order to start a new connection you have to force stop the app and relaunch it again.

    TOR browser is a handy feature which will protect your browsing identity and keep your details private though having some bugs and lags it is useful in many ways. Those who want to keep your details safe while browsing a particular website it is recommended for them to use the TOR Onion Browser.

    So whats your thought on this? do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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