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    How to Use Measure App in iOS 12 on iPhone Step By Step Tutorial

    Measuring the real-world objects with the help of a Measure app is a breeze. Moreover, even the app itself shows you suggestions to get things in a right manner. All you have to do is just follow them.

    This app is merely aimed at construction professionals and engineers. Despite what people might think, this app can be used by average users as well with the same of the effectiveness.

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    How to Use Measure App in iOS 12

    How to Take Measurement Using ARKit Measure app in iOS 12 on iPhone

    Step #1. Launch Measure app on your device.

    Step #2. Now, simply check out the instructions on-screen to move your iPhone around. Make sure to follow them.

    Step #3. Some of the white dot in the circle will appear on the screen. You need to point it to where you like to measure. Now, tap the + button to create a point.

    Step #4. Next, you have to move your device towards the direction where you want to end measurement. The measurement value will show up as you move the device or the dot. In the end, tap on “+” button again to finish the measurement of the line.

    Once you have got the measurement then you can tap on it to look for the result in feet, inches and even centimetres. Want to share it with your friend? Just copy it and share it via iMessage and other apps.

    Capture the Photo of your measurement: After you have finished your measurements, you will be able to capture the results instantly. To do so, you need to tap on the shutter button at the bottom right corner.

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    Delete Your Measurement

    Once you have got the measurement, you can delete it. To erase the result, all you need to do is just tap Clear at the top right corner of the screen.

    How to Use Level Tool in Measure App in iOS 12

    The level tool now no longer exists in the Compass app. To tell you the truth, it has become an integral part of the Measure app. And I think it’s got a better place considering it’s very helpful for measurements.

    Step #1. Open the Measure app on your iOS smartphone.

    Step #2. Now, tap on the Level tab at the bottom.

    Step #3. Now the next step is that your device will let you know whether you are using it horizontally, vertically, holding it upright or placed on a flat surface. When your iPhone is straight, it will show zero degrees and the screen will turn green.

    As iOS 12 is still in beta, I expect the app to get more refinement and offer more accurate result.

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