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    How to Use Location-Based Reminders in iOS

    Sometiems we all might think of reminders as time-based alerts which also help you to remember a particular task or errand at a point of time when it is required.

    For the longest time period, I know I did. But when it comes to the Operating System of iOS, alerts in the Reminders app can be both be according to the time- or location-based.

    Maybe you already know this, in theory. But it seems like far too few iOS users take advantage of location-based reminders.

    As they can also be work incredibly handy in organizing our days and to-do lists. As we know that, not everything in our day-to-day lives has a set timeframe which is merely attached to it.

    If you already use location-based reminders, great. Otherwise, read on to see how these can boost your productivity and daily routines.

    How to Use Location-Based Reminders

    First off all, you have to make sure that Location Services is enabled for the Reminders app. You won’t be able to use location-based reminders if it is not enabled otherwise.

    Location-Based Reminders in iOS

    Once they are, done just do the following steps:

    • Open Reminders and tap the create new reminder by simply clicking on the plus sign.
    • Tap the circular i iconwhich is available to the right of the title.
    • Toggle Remind me at a location.
    • Tap the Location option.
    • Then now search for a location, or enter the address of a location. Alternatively, you can use your Current Location.
    • Once you have selected a location, then you can easily choose whether to be reminded when you arrive at that location, or when you leave that location.
    • When you’re done, then just click on the Details in the upper-left. Then tap Done.

    Location Reminders in iOS

    Now you can use Siri to Set up Location Based Reminders

    Alternatively, you can always ask Siri to create a location-based reminder for you, as Siri is based on Artificial Intelligence.



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