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    How To Use Your iPhone as a Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad for PC

    We all have PC at our home and along with it, we all have a mouse and keyboard connected to it. But, have you ever imagined that it may happen that you have a key that doesn’t work well with your keyboard or the right click of your mouse is damaged, these are some of the situations that every person may fall into.

    I personally had the same problem when my mouse wasn’t working and I had to get my urgent job done so, in that situation I was a bit panicked until I got a perfect solution to the problem, I used my iPhone to turn it into a mouse which was also working as a trackpad.

    So, here I will show you the process to convert your iPhone into a working mouse, keyboard or a trackpad in just a few simple steps.

    To convert a mouse and keyboard replacement, you only need an internet connection and an app on your iPhone or an iPad. Do you want to know how?

    How To Use Your iPhone as a Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad for PC

    To Convert your mouse or keyboard we will use the application called Remote mouse and for me its the best free application out there in App Store. It has both Android and iOS version, making it ideal for all types of users.

    [appbox appstore 380450781 ]

    Steps to follow:

    • The first thing to do is to make sure that both iPhone/iPad and PC are connected to the same WiFi network.
    • If so, the second step will be from the computer: go to the Remote Mouse web page and download the client (program) on your PC. At the same time, on your mobile or tablet, you can download and install the ‘app’ with the same name.
    • Once downloaded, you have to install the program on the PC / Mac. It is very simple, just press Next and in a few seconds, it will be active.
    • Now you can move on to the configuration of the connection between mobile and computer. Open the program of the PC that you have installed, and in the Status tab, you will have the information that we need: either the IP address or a QR code.
    • Then open the app on your mobile and try to locate the PC. If you do not log in, press the + button and choose or connect via IP or the QR code. Either is valid.
    • After the connection, the phone will become a trackpad with the classic mouse buttons. We can use them as such.

    If needed you can also change from mouse to Keyboard by clicking the keyboard option on the top right-hand corner.

    So, guys, these were the few simple steps that you need to follow in order to use your iPhone as a mouse or keyboard. Do try this out by yourself as it can come in handy anytime.

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