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    How To Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android Full Tutorial

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android: Internet fascinates everyone in all terms. We use it daily and it’s quite lucrative at the same time. Internet was born on December 5, 1969, and from that time it is running quite well without any shortcomings. The deep/Dark mode is the unsung internet mode which many of you might not be knowing.

    In today’s world, we only use 2% of the internet and the other 98% is still unused due to various reason. What follows is the various types of internet.

    1. Surface Web
    2. Deep Web
    3. Dark Web

    Below pictures represent a diagram which shows the various level of internet.

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:
    Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:

    In this blog, we will be talking about what deep and dark web is all about and also how to access it. We will be also talking about what makes deep and dark web illegal and why it is not exposed.

    Who Invented Deep | Dark Web? and Why?

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android: There is nothing as such that Deep and dark web came into the picture very later. It was there from all over the start of the internet. It’s just that it was not made legal due to various reason. As on these websites, various illegal work was going on like hiring a hitman, porn websites and various others.

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:
    Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:

    What is Deep Web?

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android: The deep web is one of the most overwhelming parts of the internet which is not easily accessible by everyone. It is not legal to use but don’t worry we have got you covered through this article. The government has strict action if you use the Deep web in near future.

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:
    Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:

    Neither deep web nor dark web websites are indexable due to security purposes.

    What is Dark Web?

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android: Dark web is those part of the internet where the websites are very illegal. You should be very witty while accessing these websites. Cyber cells usually have their eyes on these websites and this might land you in trouble.

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:
    Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:

    Websites on the dark web usually have themes which are quite harmful and that is the only reason why the government has their eyes on the person who accesses it. We will be talking about how you can access the dark as well as deep web without any fear.

    Why These Links/Sites are Not Indexable To Normal Web?

    As we talked about why these websites are not indexable. There are various reason why it’s not indexed and the reason is listed below.

    • Contextual Web: Pages which hold different access contexts such as IP addresses and navigation sequence.
    • Dynamic content: These pages return as a response to a form. Navigating these fields without any domain knowledge is challenging.
    • Limited access content: It is a particular method to restrain the reach of sites to these pages and create cached copies.
    • Non-HTML/text content: In this approach, the pages are encoded in specific formats such that they cannot be found by regular search engines.
    • Private Web: The pages require a registration and login to access them.
    • Scripted content: The pages are scripted in such a way that they can only be obtained using Flash or Ajax.
    • Software: Some pages can be accessed only by using specialized software such as Tor or any other software.
    • Unlinked content: Web crawling is terminated so that the content remains hidden.
    • Web archives: These are special services which allow you to access the inaccessible or unindexed websites.

    Now below are the steps by which you can easily access the websites and no one will ever notice you.

    MUST Use VPN Before Start Working on it?

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android: VPN is abbreviated as a virtual private network. As the name suggest its a private network so before using any deep/dark websites don’t forget to search the same websites through a private network so that you don’t leave any trace of your location.

    How To Access Deep Web From Android, PC?

    TOR browser is responsible for running deep/dark web safely on any of your networks. It will help you to run any websites through its browser without getting noticed. You can use ‘Tor Browser‘ on your Android/PC/laptop with Windows installed, MAC and even Android devices.

    Below steps will help you to set up this TOR browser.

    • First You need to Download And Install a VPN Named: Psiphon Pro
    • Moving Next, You Need To Download a Proxy network by which we can get into the TOR: Download
    • After downloading VPN, Just start VPN > Open Orbot With Proxy Network? Wait for few minutes it does takes the time to connect with the server.
    • Now again you need to install TOR Browser for Android: Download
    • After connecting the Proxy Network with server now You Just need to Open Tor Browser that you had download in Step 4
    • For PC Users Follow This Guide To Install Tor And For Accessing Deep Web Follow Up with Step 6
    • Type “.Onion” And Hit Enter.
    • The sites/links show up there are the “Deep Web Sites“.

    Now let’s talk about which websites are legal or not.

    Open Google then type  “The Hidden Wiki” you will see various websites there.

     Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:
    Use Deep/Dark Web On Your Android:

    Now you can easily access any dark or deep web easily. Keep following us to know more about various hacks.




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