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    US National Labor Relations Board investigating two Apple employee complaints | AppleInsider


    The U.S. National Labor Relations Board, an independent government agency tasked with defending labor law, is examining two complaints filed by Apple employees.

    Two cases were filed with the NLRB’s Oakland office on Aug. 26 and Sept. 1, Reuters reports without offering additional details.

    According to publicly available records, the filings in question pertain to apparent workplace harassment and potentially hostile working conditions. The complaint in August cites claims of concerted activities, which are defined by the NLRB as retaliation, discharge, discipline or similar offenses, at Apple’s Sunnyvale offices. A second filing alleges coercive statements, defined as threats, promises of benefits and other nefarious interactions.

    Partially redacted records seen by AppleInsider outline the basis of charges in the Sunnyvale instance, with the complainant alleging Apple management withheld work, fostered and insisted a return to a hostile work environment, reassigned job duties and forced the person to take paid administrative leave. A retaliatory employee relations investigation is also listed among the objections.

    Claims detailed in the complaint closely match allegations aired by Apple employee Ashley Gjovik on Twitter, though her association with the filing could not be confirmed. On her website, the senior engineering program manager says she filed a complaint to the NLRB, as well as other government regulatory agencies. Gjovik was placed on administrative leave in early August.

    Neither Apple nor Gjovik responded to requests for comment at the time of publication.

    Apple is facing mounting criticism from within its own ranks. Against a backdrop of claims that the tech giant brushes workplace issues under the rug, current and past employees launched the #AppleToo movement in an effort to surface allegations of harassment, sexism, racism, inequity and more. Last week it was reported that the organization received nearly 500 stories detailing workplace discrimination and harassment.


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