How to Update All Apps from the Mac App Store, Concurrently 2019


Update All Apps from the Mac App Store 2019: Have you got annoyed by updating individual application? Then don’t worry as we have come across a method which will help you to update all your application concurrently.

When the update comes it’s very highly recommended to install it straight away and hence we also advise you to do it. The updates come with some overwhelming features which are quite necessary to install as they help you to get rid of some glitches and also to improve the user interface.

This method will help you to install the application a lot quicker then it is used to be. If you have a habit of installing or updating the application on iOS then you will not find it difficult to install on MAC. The interface of iOS and MacOS is quite similar.

Update All Apps from the Mac App Store 2019:

How to Update All Apps from Mac App Store

  1. Open the Mac App Store
  2. Go to the “Updates” tab
  3. Look on the top right side of the “Updates” section of the Mac App Store and tap on “Update All”
Update All Apps from the Mac App Store 2019:
Update All Apps from the Mac App Store 2019:

Update All Apps from the Mac App Store 2019:

As you can see on the extreme right corner that there is a button “update all” which will update all the application present in your system.

Please be noted that the application which is not from the play store will not get updated. The application which is from the outside of the play store has to be updated manually. The one tap feature updates all the application hence your work will be a bit easier as you have to not click on every update button to get it updated.

Update All Apps from the Mac App Store 2019:

Sometimes you use some application which is not that helpful and hence you will not want it to get updated as it will take some space which will be not worthful. If you don’t like this feature of “update all” then you can anytime turn off the automatic update.

Follow the below steps to know how you can turn off the automatic feature.

  1. Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu
  2. Choose “Software Update” and click the lock icon to unlock the preferences
  3. Uncheck “Download newly available updates in the background”
  4. Optional but not recommended: uncheck “Install system data files and security updates”

This will stop the automatic updates and will save your storage space.

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