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    How To Do Untethered Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone’s

    Ali security the new sensation in the world of iPhone has shown iPhone X running iOS 12 with Pandora and Cydia icon on the home screen. Just after the public release, it has shown iOS 12  untethered jailbreak on video.

    In the video released by Weibo, it is clearly shown that the Cydia icon is visible on the home screen.

    In the video, you will be able to see the following points.

    • iPhone X is running on iOS 12
    • Developer Jailbreak the device using the Pandora app.
    • Developer launches the jailbreak app and taps on the ‘Exploit’ button.
    • After doing the above steps Cydia icon will be available.

    You can watch the video Here :

    After watching the video one thing you will notice that this video doesn’t show the Cydia app being launched. The reason behind this is that Cydia app is not supported in iOS 12. Though Cydia app was part of the jailbreak installation it will crash when you will try to open it.

    Ali security will not be releasing its Pandora jailbreak for the public, the jailbreak is created for research purposes only. Though we will notify you if there is any release.

    iOS 12 public jailbreak is not available anywhere and hence we can imagine that after watching this video some developer will come with the release of iOS 12 jailbreak. We will notify you with an iOS 12 jailbreak release as soon as we get it.




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