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    How to Unlock pattern lock on Android phone without losing Data

    Sometimes, we all get confused once after we forgot our password. So, now here I have come up with the formula to unlock the Android smartphone without even losing the data.

    If your android pattern lock has locked then you need is another Android phone to us this method of unlocking. First of all you need to download Aroma File Manager in memory card of other Android Phone.

    • After the downloading process is completed then simply insert the memory card into the locked android device.
    • After that open Stock recovery mode at the time of opening your phone and pressing power key and volume up key together at the same point of time. Different phones may have different methods to open Stock recovery mode you can check the manual diary for the same or can also search over the phone.

    Unlock Pattern

    • And from there all you need is to just click on the ‘Install Zip from SD card’ and give path to install ‘Aroma File Manager’ from your `SD card.
    • After installing ‘Aroma File Manager’ then you will need to open a recovery mode
    • In the ‘Aroma File Manager’ navigate to ‘setting > scroll up to last option and simply tap on Automount all device on start’ and then exit.
    • And simply repeat this step 3 to 4 times.
    • After this you will get ‘Aroma File Manager’ opened again
    • After open ‘Aroma File Manager’ navigate to Data folder > system folder and find > ‘gesture key or ‘password key for pattern lock or password lock respectively.
    • Then delete your particular key from your phone.

    Android phone without losing Data

    • After that exit ‘Aroma File Manager’ and reboot your device
    • Once your device is rebooted then you will noticed that pattern lock is still there. Then simply don’t worry and use any pattern of your choice and your smartphone will be opened easily.
    • That is it.


    1. Assalamo Alikum kashif Bhai.!!!

      Maine ye tareeka azzmaya magar work nhi kiye samsung galaxy j2 / SM-J200g mai.. Shayad tum kuch galat bta raho hoo…?????
      Answer me


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