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    How To Unlock The Hidden Weather Lock Screen Widget in iOS 12

    How To Unlock The Hidden Weather Lock Screen Widget in iOS 12:

    The all new iOS 12 brings a lot of new features to the table as compared to the iOS 11, though all the features that we see are not the ones that are actually present there are still more features that are hidden on iOS 12 and one of them is the Weather Lock Screen Widget,

    The new hidden Weather Lock Screen Widget may sound like a jailbreak Tweak to you but it’s not a jailbreak rather its present on the iOS 12.

    This is Basically a Weather interface acting on the Screen lock and showing the daily Temperature of the Location. This is very handy to look at, as it just sits right on the lock screen along with time.

    Users ended up loving it so much that they are demanding third-party developers to implement it as a jailbreak tweak for other iOS versions.

    Craig Federighi demonstrated this feature at WWDC 2018 and here’s how it looks shown in the picture below.


    The widget will only show up on your lock screen for 15 seconds time and after 15 seconds it will go off, to see the widget working again you again have to lock and turn on the lock screen again.

    Though iOS 11 users can’t have this feature right now, there are plenty of widgets for LockPlus that can give your lock screen a similar look and feel.

    Steps to Unlock the iOS 12 Weather Lock widget:


    Step 1 Open the stock Settings app and go to Privacy > Location Services >Weather.

    Enable Location Services for weather

    Step 2 Select Always. This will ensure the stock Weather service always has access to your location. If you revoke or disable location access for this system service, the widget will not work because in that case, it won’t be able to display the weather conditions of your current location.


    Step 3 Navigate to the Do Not Disturb section in Settings and toggle on DND mode.

    Enable Bedtime mode

    Step 4 Schedule the “From” and “To” time according to your sleep time.

    Enable Bedtime Mode

    Step 5 Toggle on Bedside Mode.


    This might seem a bit weird but you must disable the DND mode after enabling it.

    Step 6 Come back to your lock screen and long press or 3D Touch the DND notification present therein.

    Disable Bedtime mode

    Step 7 Select Turn Off to disable Do Not Disturb Mode.

    Alternatively, you can get your device to display this widget once the scheduled DND cycle ends.

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    So these were the few ways by which you can enable the Hidden Weather widget Lock screen on your iOS 12 devices. Do try out on your iOS device and let us know your thoughts.

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