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    Unlit – How To Download And Install Unlit For Instagram

    Unlit – How To Download And Install Unlit For Instagram Dark Mode

    We all want to customize our instagram so today we will show you a instagram tweak called Unlit where you can bring a dark mode to your Instagram on iPhone X and below. You can download this amazing jailbreak tweak for your Apple device below.

    What is Unlit And How It Works?

    Unlit Tweak you can Make your Instagram Look Dark , previously we have used the same Dark mode on Snapchat and Whatsapp, If you are a heavy nighttime iPhone user, it’s crucial to have a system-wide and in-app dark mode as using phone under dark can effect your eyesight. This is where this new tweak comes handy.

    Unlit Cydia tweak adds a stunning dark mode to the stock Instagram app. It is developed by Chloe Kuznetsov, who is a part of Auxilium Development Team.

    Here are some samples that shows how your instagram will look with Unlit mode:  (Source: yalujailbreak.net)

    Unlit for instagram
    Unlit for instagram

    This new tweak will make your Instagram look a lot different as you will a all new dark look for your instagram.

    Unlit for instagram
    Unlit for instagram

    Although this tweak comes with a Settings section, there aren’t many options for customization. Just tap the “Enable” button and it will start working right out of the box.

    Unlit for instagram
    Unlit for instagram

    How To Download Instagram Unlit Dark Mode:

    If you are an Instagram addict, this tweak is an absolute must-have.

    Even if you don’t like dark mode themes, you can use it to switch things up every once in a while. Highly recommended.

    Unlit is available for download on Packix repository (https://repo.packix.com) for $1. It is compatible with iOS 11.  

    The developer also intends to include a custom color selector in future versions. This feature will allow you to select any color apart from the black, which is the default color of the current theme.

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    Some Issues with the Unlit for Instagram:

    • It currently doesn’t integrate with system-wide night mode tweaks like NoctisXI or Eclipse X.
    • Instagram++ is not supported.

    Developers are still working on the Unlit app for instagram, we hope the bugs and issues will be fixed soon.

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