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    Best Typing Software to Learn Typing like Pro

    It seems like you need to know how to type in order to do much of anything these days, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left in the dust if you don’t know how. So, here is the list of top typing software’s.

    Typing Trainer

    Typing Trainer is one of the best typing software that can help you to type with an ease. With the help of a typing trainer you will be able to enjoy various types of exercises that are going to help you improve your typing skills. This is one of the excellent typing software for beginners that allow you to start at the level you feel comfortable with.

    Typing Software

    To Download Click Here.

    Keyblaze Typing Tutor Software

    Key blaze Typing Tutor Software, is an tool with a help of which user can choose between 20 lessons built in or you can create your lessons. There is also an option to choice between hundreds of typing exercises, lessons, challenges, and tests.

    To Download Click Here.

    Rapid Typing

    Rapid Typing has been known for its various typing applications, games and online tools but it is also one of the Rapid Typing software that is the best. At the first time, when you start typing it lets you configure your keyboard on your preferred language, the number of keys and platform. As of now the software supports more than 24 languages which includes the English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Belgian and more. Along with the Rapid Typing software, there is a pro version of the Rapid Typing Portable, which does not require any install at all and you can take it on a USB stick to use anywhere on the go.

    Rapid Typing

    To Download Click Here.

    Typing Instructor Platinum

    Typing Instructor Platinum is one of the most premium typing applications which is available for learning touch typing and it brings a lot of great features. This application is comprises of more than 20 typing courses, which also includes the high-quality typing games, custom courses and some very exciting typing activities.

    Typing Instructor

    To Download Click Here.

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