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    TWK-K2 True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earpods Review – Best Earpods Under $15

    The TWK-K2 in-ear headset, a wireless Bluetooth model perfect for sporting use, comes from the Asian brand. And is Probably the best you can get at this price.

    TWK-K2, headphones that fit your sporting activities or while you have interest in listening music. With Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity, you’ll take the music with you without cable pulls. But they also act as a headset with built-in microphone to answer and reject phone calls, hands-free while you work or drive. Also Significantly the price is lower too.


    Design and materials

    The TWK-K2 headset offers Bluetooth connectivity. Wireless connection with any Bluetooth device, free of cables, free of bandages. Because of their design, they are especially suitable for sports activities, but can also be used at home. It maintains the aesthetic care with stupendous finishes, although its weight has been reduced to 10g which is extraordinary in and giving much comfort than any earpods.

    The plastic case that encloses the headphones also functions as a charging base. We just need to put the headphones on the pins and the 4 LEDs will indicate the charging status. In one of the sides, we have the micro USB connector of 5 V, with the function of fast load. This box will also fill the batteries without being connected as it works as a power bank for about 3 full loads. The opening cap incorporates a pair of magnets that improves the hold.


    The lighting has been suppressed by a small red or blue LED. This will indicate the correct connection with the devices and the accompanying headset. The microphone also appears for noise reduction and can answer phone calls for its hands-free functionality. The pads are made of soft plastic material and with up to 3 different types. It does have a dust filter. Similarly, we expect the headphones to successfully withstand our sweat.


    Technical specifications of the Syllable D900 Mini

    Frequency 21Hz-18KHZ
    Impedance 16Ω
    Sensitivity (-38dB).
    Kind Built-in high-sensitivity microphone
    Scope Up to 10 meters
    Connection type Bluetooth 4.1
    Frequency 2.4GHz
    Battery duration 4 hours
    Weight 5 grams (each handset)
    Connections MicroUSB for recharging, charging base
    Compatible systems iOS / Android / for Windows Smartphones & Tablet PC and other Bluetooth devices.
    Box contents 1 * K2 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset
    1 * USB Cable
    3 * Earbud
    1 * English / Chinese User Manual

    Its autonomy is above to 4 hours. With the Bluetooth connectivity 4.1, we make sure to have a correct consumption and great compatibility (the best solution with iPhone 7).

    It has a frequency range from 2.4 to 2.48 GHz, an impedance of 16 ohms and the microphone has a sensitivity of -38dB. The hearing experience is satisfactory considering the type of device and the characteristics of the device. When we pause audio playback and resume it after a few seconds, the headphones have a “fader” effect that softens audio input (avoiding sudden sound bumps). The bass responds very well with a high level of volume, free of distortion by saturation.

    Functions: much more than wireless headphones

    The headphones have the Bluetooth connection with smartphones (both Android and iOS) so that beyond playing sound we will also answer the calls. These TWK-K2 will help you answer calls while you run with just one press of the button on the headset. Once the call is established, the built-in microphone captures our conversation while leveling to reduce ambient noise. If you do not want to answer, a double-tap is enough to reject the incoming call.


    These headphones allow you to pause and re-play music with the dedicated app on our device. Simply press the button on the main handset. We still have no possibility to change tracks or control the volume. In our tests, we were able to use them on the PC and on an Android device, both without any disconnection problems.

    Availability and price of the TWK-K2

    If you are tired of the continuous cable entanglements, opt for a wireless headset. The TWK-K2 is the best option, have practically the every feature you will ever want and at a much lower price. But the surprise we have taken to see the price you have through TomTop, along with the promotional coupon of $5 discount by adding the following code SUPERSALEC. Do not miss the opportunity as this is the best Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-ear Stereo Sports Headphone you can get at this price and is even better than many high priced headphones out there in the market.


    Buy TWK-K2 True Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-ear Stereo Sports Headphone From Here

    • Design and presentation
    • Music playback and hands-free calling
    • Comfortable headphones
    • Bluetooth compatibility 4.1
    • Battery Life
    • Price
    • No track or volume control (though can be easily done via connected Bluetooth device which is more convenient)
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