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    How to Turn Off Memories Alerts on iPhone & iPad

    As you know that iPhone comes with the whole bunch of new features. One of the features is that there is a notification which keeps on coming with Photo App saying ” You have a new memory – On this day (date)”. This feature may be annoying for many users while some users find it very fascinating. In this blog, we will be talking about how to turn off memories iPhone notification right from your settings app. Easy Steps to Solve the problem.

    Photos apps come with extra overwhelming features so that to provide the user a great interface. You can also edit your photos or upload it on cloud to remove some unwanted space or memory from your phone. If your having some memory constraint then simply clear the cache memory.

    This notification is basically a throwback to old photos which you are having on your phone.

    How to Disable “You have a new memory” Alerts on iPhone or iPad

    1. Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad

    2-Go to “Notifications” and tap on “Photos”

    3-Tap on “Memories” within the Photos notifications

    turn off memories iphone
    turn off memories iphone

    4-Toggle the “Allow Notifications” switch to “OFF” to disable the ‘you have a new memory’ alerts in iOS

    turn off memories iphone
    turn off memories iphone

    5- Leave Settings as usual

    After changing the above settings you will be no longer getting notification or popup saying “You have a new memory”. It depends from person to person how they want their phone feature and interface. You can always enable the settings by going through the above procedure and toggling on the allow notification menu.

    As I stated earlier that the iPhone photo app comes with so much awesome feature. Let’s discuss some of them so that if you are not aware you become aware of that too. Many iPhone users don’t know that you can actually edit your photos whenever you want through photos application.

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    Subsequently, there are so many inbuilt features of photos application that organizes your photos very well and you may find it quite fascinating.

    You can actually click this link to know more about photos application guide. This will be very helpful if you are a novice or beginner user. One of the features we have already discussed above which is of giving notification to the user if there is any photo from last year. We have also discussed how to get rid of that notification.

    I hope this blog helps you to get rid of the annoying notification. Share it with your friends and family member if they are encountering the same problem.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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