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    5 Startups Transcribe Audio to text Using AI

    The number of transcribing services which are available these days is increasing at a rapid pace. There are many startups which use AI technology to transcribe audio to text. However, not all of them are up to the mark. When you’re looking for audio to text converter online, it is always a good idea to go with the best tools.

    Today, we will highlight five startup companies which offer transcribing services and also help you understand which one among them is the best. These companies use AI technology due to which they can provide high accuracy and facilitate easy conversion of audio to text. These five startups are miles ahead of their opponent, and that is why they are on this list.

    1. AISense:

    AISense analyses your conversions and helps you convert audio file to text. With the help of voice intelligence technology, it can identify the various speakers and help you transform the audio of multiple speakers into text.

    AISense audio to text
    transcribe audio to text

    It specializes in human to human conversation. It specifically caters to the media industry to convert speeches and interviews. While the accuracy is reasonably high but focuses on a single industry does not make it a highly versatile tool. On the other hand, the cost of transcribing is on the higher side, which limits its scalability.

    2. SpeakSee:

    SpeakSee works for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. It caters to the corporate audience who are suffering from these problems. With the help of hardware encryption and off-line service, it serves a noble purpose. It can help the individual’s grasp the knowledge and also interact with others. As a result, they can lead a normal life.


    The transcription services are highly accurate, but it caters to a different segment altogether. It is a niche tool and therefore isn’t suitable for all applications. It prides itself in catering to deaf audience and makes their life much easier.

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    3. Chorus.ai:

    Chorus.ai is an excellent tool if you’re looking to transcribe audio conversations to text for your company. It is integrable with your calls and meetings, which means that you can have a direct text record of the same. With the help of a formal text record of all the conversations as well as sales calls, you can quickly learn from the same and also keep an account of the same. Owing to this very reason, the productivity of your sales and revenue team can increase significantly. It is suitable for:

    • Sales department
    • Customer support department
    • Quotation department HR department

    It facilitates proper text record for every conversation which goes on in your organization.

    With this tool, you can track the productivity of your employees. The only bit of problem with the startup is that the cost of transcribing is on the higher side which means that if you’re a small business or organization, it can be difficult for you to use it consistently.

    4. Saykara:

    Saykara uses AI technology to help professionals in the healthcare industry. It transcribes doctor and patient conversations to keep a record of diagnosis, prescriptions, and other details. With the help of voice transcription, it can help healthcare professionals create patient records. The cycle which it offers is:

    • It records the conversation between doctor and patient.
    • It transcribes audio to text.

    The healthcare professional can then provide a copy of this conversation to the patient.

    The patient will have the text record of the diagnosis as well as a prescription. The doctor will not have to note down each and everything separately. The doctor can concentrate on the diagnosis rather than noting each and everything down. That is why this tool is pretty helpful for healthcare professionals.

    You can use it through your smart phone, which means that there is no need to buy any device to use this transcribing tool. While it might be great for healthcare professionals, but it’s narrow approach limits its usability. It uses AI technology, but the focus of the app is just in the healthcare industry. While you can transcribe some other audio files, but you cannot get the same level of precision. If you plan on using it for your business or organization, you might not be that impressed with it.

    5. Audext:

    In terms of versatility, Audext is a winner. Audio to text converter online Audext.com uses AI technology, and therefore, it is highly precise. It offers numerous benefits which can leave the other tools behind. These advantages include:

    transcribe audio to text
    transcribe audio to text
    • With the help of AI technology, it can provide faster transcription services.
    • It offers an online editor which can make it easy for you to get precise output.
    • It supports multiple speaker audio files, which makes it easy for you to generate a proper text document.
    • It converts various audio file types into text, which is another advantage.
    • It provides quick transcription services, which means that you will not have to wait for days to get the audio file.

    The best thing about this audio to text converter online is that it is cost-efficient. Unlike some of the other startups on this list, it offers you a per hour cost as well as a monthly cost. When you’re on the monthly plan, you can save a significant amount of money. The monthly fee is just $ 99 per month. If you want to use it on a per hour basis, you will be paying around $ 10.90 per hour. It is more affordable than its peers. Moreover, it caters to a variety of different industries like:

    • Media
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Digital marketing
    • Corporate entities
    • And much more

    Owing to this very reason, it has the necessary features to cater to all of these industries. Not only, it is affordable, but also it is highly versatile and suitable for most industries, which is what makes it the best startup when it comes to transcribing audio to text using AI. So, if you’re vetting different transcribing services, you can undoubtedly go with Audext. The versatility and the precision makes it much better than the other startups on this list.

    With that being said, these are the five top startups which provide you with transcribing services.

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