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    How To Access and Run TOR Network On Google Chrome Browser

    We use Google Chrome in our day to day life to surfing the net. There is the whole bunch of software available but Google Chrome is leading the way. Have you ever thought of using Google Chrome anonymously? Reason can be anything behind using Google Chrome anonymously. First and foremost, it can be that you want to use it for viewing deep web-based service.

    Secondly, it can be that you don’t want to leave any trace of your history. So there are plenty of ways available on how you can use Google chrome anonymously. There are many VPN available which you can use. We are going to talk about TOR. The Onion Router is the acronym of TOR.

    In this blog, we are going to talk about how you can add TOR in Google Chrome. Reason being TOR doesn’t come along with Google Chrome but it does come along with Mozilla Firefox. We will be also talking about What TOR is all about and what makes it unique from other.

    What is TOR?

    As stated above The Onion Router is the acronym of TOR. It is a software which works as an ideal VPN for the internet. You can easily access news leaks, selling controlled substances and much more. TOR is used by different countries to access the above stuff.

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    TOR is known as one of the strongest available VPN till now. It gives access to use the service of the deep web like gambling, guns, hacking and much more. You can buy and sell things anonymously. People use Tor for both licit and illicit purposes. Below is the method on how you can enable TOR on Google chrome just by a single click. This method can be easily executed by a single click.

    How To Use TOR Anonymously in Google Chrome Browser

    • Below are the steps required to enable TOR in Google Chrome. It is quite easy to execute.
    • In the very first step, you have to install Tor on your device since that is what we need to have. You can download it from here
    • Then, install ‘Proxy Switchy‘ on your chrome browser which will do the actual task required for this process.
    •  In a proxy switch, change the name of the profile to anything you like for eg tor. Then, check the ‘manual configuration’ box. Now, in the HTTP Proxy enter the codes “” and in port enter “8118” and check the box below this which reads ‘Use the same proxy server for all protocols.’
    • Once you are done with the changes which you have to make listed above, hit the ‘Save‘ option which you will find at the bottom of the box.

      tor chrome
      tor chrome
    • Now, in the options of the proxy switch, go to the general tab and here, check the box which says ‘quick switch‘ and also the box which says ‘binary switch’.
    •  Then, in the Profile 1 select ‘[direct connection]’ from the drop-down box and in Profile 2, select the name which you had previously entered in step 3 from the drop-down box. And finally, click on the save option to save the changes.

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    After doing the above steps a switch will be generated which will give you access to use TOR in one go. I hope this article helps you to use TOR with ease.



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