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    Top 5 Malware Removal Tools and Apps of 2018

    It is so annoying when our device gets hanged or works slow, it is all sometimes just because of malware which infects our device. So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 malware apps for your device, which will save your device from any infection.


    McAfee app is the first app which strike in our when we are planning to install an antivirus in our smartphone. McAfee app comes with lot of amazing features which includes anti-spyware, anti-theft and more. There is also an amazing feature in this app that if anyone try to steal your phone, it has the ability take the picture of that person and will mail you.

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    Malware-bytes is an anti-malware software which is available for all the operating system like windows, mac and android. It has the power of removing malware, Trojan from the root directory in your computer. It finds malware and viruses during the boot time and remove them from the computer. It even warn if website has virus, and network got infected.

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    Norton security

    Norton security has both the premium and free version. There are large number of features available in the norton security which protects you from different Trojan, malware, spyware, and adware etc. It also has some of the additional features like saving device location, real time protection, anti-theft features etc.

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    Google play protect

    Google play protect is a product of Google itself which is available on the play store. It checks all the apps installed in your phone and warns you if any potentially harmful app available in your device. It scans your device after every regular time period and if it get any harmful app, it will stop running that app or will warn that the app is not good to keep.

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    When we talk about free antivirus, the first name which comes in our mind is avast antivirus, and this because what other antivirus provides us in premium, avast provides all those features in freemium as well. In premium version you will get in premium version anti-viruses like Password manager, network security scanner, secure web browser etc.

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