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    Apple’s top paid apple executives, highest-earning executives

    Apple’s top 5 most influential, highest-earning executives

    According to 2016 estimates, more diversity than Apple’s deep and complex history is its working environment, which has more than 116,000 full-time employees worldwide. Regardless of managerial, heroic, service-based or otherwise, each of these people contributed to the overall goal of any kind of innovation and development of the apple. To make sure this is a heavy work, but interestingly, many apple applets are used to move the wheels, actual work is leveraged by some top executives in their respective roles. Apple’s top 5 most influential, highest-earning executives currently on the roster.

    5 Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer

    What will Apple do today if he was not for the constant creativity of the stable hands and the company’s top design boss? Johnny Ive joined Apple in 1992, and for many years, Ive played an important role in designing Apple’s greatest products, iPhones, iPads, many generations of Mac computers, Apple Watch, and more. So, what was the mind behind the iPhone in 2016? According to Fortune, the world can never know, which claims that Ive has been freed from the SEC rules which would otherwise disclose their compensation because it says “No, Commission Does ‘Section 16’ employees.” Of course, we can only assume that “a lot,” is the correct meaning? – Especially in the posh position of Ive lives on the infamous “billionaire line” of San Francisco.

    4 Angela Ahrendts, SVP, Retail

    Ehrens is another influential newcomer to the Apple team and was hired by Tim Cook in 2014 to oversee the presence of Apple’s retail store after the company’s last retail boss, Ron Johnson, Apple CEO Jesse Penney It was the year before assuming office. Apple’s estimated 489 As Head of Retail Outlets Worldwide, Ahrenskets mainly tells Cook about the strategy of Apple, such as the real estate, online and retail storefront operations and general development issues. Prior to his role in Apple, Ahrendes, respectively, is a London-based fashion house, CEO of Brewery, as well as President and Vice President of Donna Karan International and Liz Claiborn, Inc. Worked as. In 2016, his salary and compensation in Apple were the highest, cash and stock was estimated to be worth $ 25.8 million, according to recode.

    3 Luca Maestri, CFO

    As the CFO of Apple, Luca Maestro is responsible for managing all financial accounting, business support, exchequer, investor relations, and all internal tax and audit tasks in the world in Apple. Prior to joining Apple’s team in 2013, as a senior vice president of corporate finance, the master worked in 25 years of production and leading teams of the world’s largest companies, including his former role as CFO in Xerox. Master, who had earned a Master of Science in Management from Boston University, also worked for years as a leading executive of General Motors. His annual compensation for 2016 is estimated to be $ 22.8 million, according to, which includes approximately $ 2.7 million cash / non-equity and an additional $ 19 million of the stock option.

    2 Craig Federighi, SVP, Software Engineering

    Whether it is iOS, Mac OS, TVOS or Watchchops, Apple’s flagship software title has earned a big name for itself in the last few years – an effort to participate by Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federghi, Who oversees the development of iOS, MacOS and other growing software platforms of Apple, in their role. Federigi had previously worked with Steve Jobs, which was on the Nexal operating system, which was purchased back in 1998 from Apple and was re-branded. Federer’s compensation for 2016 was huge, as it was the year Federeggi was able to do business in his final batch of 25,000 banned Apple stock shares (RSU) of estimated $ 50 million

    1 Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer

    Prior to taking over at the helm of Apple after the passing of Steve Jobs, Cook spent years as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, where he was responsible for managing everything from Apple’s worldwide sales and operations, to providing sales support and services to customers on a global stage. Cook, who earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Duke University, also held executive roles at IBM and Compaq Computers before joining Apple. His salary and compensation for 2016 was estimated at $8.7 million down from roughly $10.3 million in 2015. In addition “Cook’s reported compensation doesn’t include 560,000 restricted stock units Apple gave him when he ascended to the CEO role in 2011 and which were earmarked for 2015. Those units were worth more than $64 million at the end of 2015,” according to FortuneMost recently, Tim Cook cashed in on $89.2 million worth of Apple stock.



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