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    Top 5 Best game recording software


    OBS Studio is a professional software that is built to handle a wide range of formats and systems. That makes it ideal for the gamers that need an all in one solution for recording gameplay and a reason it is considered one of the best pieces of streaming software on the planet.

    OBC can live to stream your gameplay and will offer you a wealth of options when it comes to tools and transition. That means that you can fine-tune your recordings like the pros and would not be limited by frame rates. It can even downscale on the fly as well and gives you a measure of control you would find from some other programs on our list of the best game recording software.

    game recording software
    game recording software

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    Bandicam may not have the name recognition of a company like the Filmora and AMD, but their screen recording software is a fan favorite. That is due to the price point and the fact that you can capture almost anything, whether it is a PC based title or a round of Clash Royale in your smartphone.


    Gecata is a game recording software that is highly-designed for recording gameplay time in HD. This easy to use screen recorder for games is complete with lots of amazing features that make it stand out from the crowd of game recorders available online. Gecata offers its users the opportunity to record the gameplay of around 60 frames per second. The benchmark settings allow you to adjust the recording settings to your preferred style and record videos in the different formats too.

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    Fraps is one of the best gaming programs to capture the playing experience that is highly equipped with an FPS counter so that gamers can monitor their performance at the time of playing. Moreover, the free version limits the use of some of its features; with a onetime payment, you can enjoy all of its amazing features with no such restrictions.

    game recording software
    game recording software


    Loilo is a lightweight best game recording software. It provides users the opportunity to record ongoing video games and enables them to customize each recorded video to their preferred style. The Loilo game recorder is good game recording software and includes the features that allow you to capture live footage from your system.



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