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    Top 10 Apps to Increase Brain Power

    Today we are going to share with you Top 10 Apps to Increase Brain Power or game that will help you to increase your brainpower and boost your IQ Level. We have shortlisted these apps from google play store. When will you use these apps this will defiantly blow your mind. So without wasting time Let Look at these apps which discussed below.

    Top 10 Best Apps to Increase Brain Power:

    We all know that mind is the part of the body that affect all body if it is physically or mentally. If your brain will be sharp you can focus on any kind of work if it is about studying or if it is about any other work. We know there are a lot of ways to increase your brainpower. And one of way also increases your brain power with playing brain game. So Here is a list of game, try these apps and make it your favorite list.

    1. Peak –Brain Training:




    This is one of best brain boosting app that helps you to train your brain or increase your brain power. This app helps you to track and take the challenge from a given category. It has 20 challenging mini games with a different category. Like memory, focus, language, and problem-solving. This app is designed as when will you complete any level it will reward you to encourage and take more challenge.




    This game allow you to challenge your memory to solve to game. This game is used by over 70 million people worldwide.The Lumosity combines 25+ game in their daily routine to challenge your brain.

    3. NeuroNation-Brain Training




    You can improve and boost your brain effectively with the neuro nation’s Brain Game. You can create your personal workout plan for your brain and after that, you will see change in your performance by using this app.

    4. How to Improve Memory

    This game gives you information about how can you improve your memory. If are the kind of guy who always forgets things or information, then is a suitable app for you. So Use this app and improve your memory skills.

    5.Elevate-Brain Training

    Elevate is an app which increases your brain power to improve speaking, processing speed, memory and math skill or many more things. The more you use Elevate, the more you will improve your skill confidence.

    6. Brain Wars

    The Brain wars are like a metal concentration battle game for all player from this round world. All age of people can participate in this through simple brain teasers. The Brain-teaser do not require any special knowledge. So every player can improve their brain power through the repetition and adaptation.

    7.Brain Dots

    This game is like when will you play this game you will feel like you are making some drawing to solve the puzzle. But as you clear some basic level, it will start to challenge your brain. All time you have to think how will take closer to these two balls.

    8. Memorado – Brain Games

    It is the one of the leading game for increase your mind power, it provides you fun workout to grow and sharp your mind. It has 450 level in 15 games which are based on the neuroscience that will help you to challenge your mind.

    9. Mind Games

    The Mind game is one of a great collection of the android brain-boosting game which is based on the principle of cognitive tasks that help you to practice different mental Challenge. This app has 3 dozen of Mindware’s brain training game.

    10. Skillz-Logical Brain Game

    It is memory testing game which helps you to improve your memory speed, increase your memory power, get better accuracy. It is logic base game if you are programmer this will help you a lot to boost your brain.
    Last words
    So this is it, guys. I hope you will enjoy this post. Stay tuned for the latest update.


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