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    Top 5 Best Alternative of Microsoft-Paint

    Paint that is usually called Microsoft paint is an uncomplicated special effects app that has been enclosed with all the version of Microsoft’s Windows OS. you may be afraid to know that Microsoft has planned to get rid of the legendary Paint app from the forthcoming Windows ten Update.

    Microsoft had introduced Paint app in 1985. The software has been existing for over thirty-two years currently. Actually, Microsoft has discharged an inventory of options that square measure either being removed or deprecated within the Windows ten Fall creator update.

    Microsoft clearly announced that “MS Paint is here to stay, however, it will simply have a new home soon in the Windows Store, where it will be available to all and not only that even everyone who want to download the MS Paint from store they will be simply be able to download the 32-Year-Old mythical application MS Paint for free”.

    So it is very much clear that Microsoft-Paint is Dead but don’t worry we have got 5 More Options for you.

    Top 5 Alternative of Microsoft-Paint:



    Luminar is a Flagship photo editing Software that you can directly compare with the Adobe Photoshop or the Adobe Lightroom. Developers of Luminar has made it perfectly suited for all type of photo users, whether you are a moderate photo editor or a high heavy photo editor with advanced features. It has got both the features of Photoshop and Lightroom embedded in it which makes it more attractive from a users point of view.

    The best part of using this software is its uncomplexity, it is easily learnable and can be used by an amateur user as well as a pro user who use their high-end devices such as DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras to take photos. Luminar provides the tools for similar editing results with a much easier, Apple Photos-style effort. Its concentration on photo editing and styling, combined with a massive number of slider-based tools, is designed for all skill levels, giving users plenty of headroom, flexibility, and variety. It’s a pro app in consumer disguise.


    It is a software for an artist. Made it for an artist. The default templates set is an example of that. It has comic and textures templates and others artistic templates. The default brushes settings are enough for creating stunning art, you don’t need to expend a lot of hours, sinking for custom brushes, but you can customize anyway.

    It’s a very useful software for traditional looking digital painting. The blending works really well and it gives a lot of creative options. From my experience, it’s a great alternative to Corel Painter.You will find really useful, the pressure and smooth options for the brushes as it makes more comfortable to work with a graphic tablet resembling traditional techniques.


    Pixelmator is not just an alternative to MS-Paint but also some heavy image editing software like the Adobe Photoshop, the Corel Paint and some more. To be honest, the Pixelmator is much smaller in size than the Photoshop but offers some premium features and it is very fast. It has got all setting that a photoshop or some professional editing software have. The interface is all the same as a Photoshop and if you are a Photoshop user then you will definitely love it.

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    Photoscape is a Basic Photo-editor that works both as a photo viewer and an editor as well. You will find here many different types of options like a built in screen capture tool, and a host of filters and effects to quickly liven up any image. Additionally, you can also use other features like you can stitch together multiple images into a panorama or collage, work with animated GIFs, convert RAW images, create slideshows, and print photos using a number of templates.

    This editor is small in size but don’t go with its size as it is a powerful editing tool with loaded features that are always handy. This tool is made mainly targeting all amateur users.

    Clip Studio Paint

    Clip Studio Paint is another great Alternative to MS-Paint where everything is kept simple and is somewhat similar to photoshop. It would be easier for users to switch from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint.  It offers a wide variety of brush options and settings, that allow brushes to be tweaked to perfection. As of the latest update, it also supports frame by frame animation. It supports most common file types and can export and read Photoshop documents with some limitations.

    You can customize and pose figures for reference as well as import your own 3D models. It’s also ridiculously easy to make your own patterns, textures, and brushes. The most recent update allows you to even animate on this program. It’s a fantastic all-in-one tool and fun to use!

    So, guys, these were the top 5 alternatives to Microsoft Paint, the software that we have listed above are pretty easy to use and they are simple on the interface. Well, there are still many other alternatives of MS-Paint but according to usability, these few software are the best and easily learnable.

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    So, comment down your thoughts on this and thanks for reading our article and we hope you guys have a great day.


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