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    Tips to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

    As nowadays more than 70% of the total internet website is working on a WordPress and due to this hacking cases are also increasing day by day. So, here we have come up with some of the tips to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

    Set up Website Lock-down and Ban Users

    You can secure a website by setting up website lockdown, which makes the users to ban from using it. Sometimes it has been seen that hackers use user id or passwords to login into the wordpress of the site.

    WordPress Website

    Use email as login

    As we all know that by default we are getting the username for logging in purpose. But for more secured login, an email ID instead of a user name is required. Many of the times it has been seen that user names should not be considered as a safe login approach as they are easy to predict, email ids are not.

    Rename the login URL

    If anyone outside the enterprise know the login page URL then they try to hack the website forcefully. They try to log in guessing some of the other user names, passwords combinations. As a website owner, you can continuously replace the login URL with the help of which you can avoid 99% of the forceful attacks.

    Use 2-factor Authentication

    Always make sure that you use the two factor authentication at the entry page, which is another way to boost security. Also known as the 2FA, in this method of authentication the user provides the login details for two different components. It is up to the website owner to decide upon the type of components to be used. It also asks for a captcha which needs to be done in order to use the site.

    Secure WordPress Site

    Monitor Your Files

    For keeping the extra security, make sure that you use the website WordPress Security plugins like Acunetix WP Security, iThemes Security, Wordfence which has been proven to be so much useful.

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