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    Some of the Tips to Secure Your Gmail Account

    Gmail is one of the most important Google tools and leading email service provider. Currently, over a billion people use Gmail. That’s a massive number. Google is working hard to make sure user’s Gmail account is safe.

    Verify the account

    Having a strong password is necessary to secure your account but at the same time, you also have to verify your account with the 2-step authentication process. In this process, once you log in to your account, Google sends you a code on your mobile phone. You have to submit the code and verify your mobile number. This will come in handy when you forgot your password but have access to your mobile number.

    Keep a track of your device’s activity

    Once you verify your phone number with Google, it notifies you every time whenever there is a login or someone tried to login to your account. If you find some suspicious activity on your account, you can inform google immediately and can reset your account. Also, Google gives you an option where you can check your account’s activity of last 28 days. Here, you can also get to know the devices that have been used to access your account. Along with the device, you can also see time, date and location of the time when there was a login attempt to your account.

    Secure with ‘HTTPS’ feature

    ‘HTTPS’ is a security option that makes sure that the user’s personal information is not shared with web providers. Being universal service providers, Google allows everyone to use their service from any device. Here, however, there is a risk of privacy and personal data.To do this, go to ‘settings’ and choose ‘general’. Click on the browser connection option and ‘checkmark’ next to ‘Always use HTTPS’.

    Update your web browser

    By updating your web browser regularly, you make sure that you are protected online. Outdated browsers are vulnerable to threats and viruses. To keep your self-protected from this spyware, update your account whenever possible. Most of the times, new updates are introduced to make security even more secure. This is why updating your web browser is very critical in order to secure your Gmail account. There are a number of ways to recover a Gmail password and as a user, we need to be cautious against them.



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