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    Tips To Get The Most Out of Google Calendar

    The calendar is a critical tool which is used in organizations, with more particularly for freelancers and teams that work remotely from far distant places. So, here are some of the tips and tricks of using the Google Calendar.

    Quickly Add Event Details

    As we all know that we can quickly add events to Google Calendar by clicking on a date or time and typing into the box that pops up. Next time, whenever you just type in the time, followed by the agenda, and its location as well.1

    Enable Email Notifications

    Even though we use Google Calendar a lot, but we have not checked all the features in a faithful way. So, for real important events or meetings, it’s good to enable email notifications/pop up. To do this, press on the arrow button which is next to a selected calendar, then simply select Reminders and notifications.

    Add Holidays & Sport Calendars

    Google has added many of the pre-loaded calendars which can make our daily lives easy. To view the wide section you just need to, click on the arrow button next to Other calendars and select Browse Interesting Calendars. There you will be able to see holiday calendars for multiple countries. You can also follow the game dates of your favorite baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, rugby or soccer team according to your choice.

    Hide Inactive Hours

    Moreover, the calendar should occupy the working hours where there are no any events or meetings slotted in between the time span of 10 pm to 6am throughout the years.

    Enable Weather Forecast

    Have events that are outdoors? The weather forecast information will be real helpful for you on the go. For that you just need to go to Settings > General > Location and enter your country. Then, determine the metric for temperature, in the either °C or °F.

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