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    This is the best way to not lose AirPods

    This is the best way to not lose AirPods

    Since Apple announced the AirPods, its first and to date unique wireless headphones, many comments have been made about them. That if they were easy to lose, if they sound the same as the EarPods and are worth much more, they are not worth it …

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    But it is true that whoever tries them is very satisfied with them. It is true that there are good cheaper alternatives, although those of Apple does not leave almost anyone dissatisfied. According to a recent survey, the degree of user satisfaction is 98 percent.

    Even so, we must keep in mind a fact. They are made of a smooth plastic and not all the earlobes are the same. This could cause some people to slip inside the ear and lose grip.
    Well, as there are people for everything, in an internet forum a user has posted his own idea so that AirPods have more grip and never fall down. The solution is very economical and guarantees that you will never move an inch anymore
    With a perforator and a roll of tape, which is padded and with grip, you can strategically place small dots in your AirPods so that they stick to your ears without slipping. Best of all, AirPods still fit in the case, so they can be charged without having to remove the add-on.
    The truth is that the idea is ingenious as you can see in the photo above, but the tape is completely hidden inside your ear while using the AirPods, so it is not a big problem. The essence is quite simple: Make holes in the tape and stick them on your AirPods. And all for very little money.
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