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    These are the best 25W chargers for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


    25W charger for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
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    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a fascinating device owing to its unique folding factor, but its 4,400mAh battery isn’t exactly a show-stopper. With a large foldable display and an external display, you’ll be charging your Z Fold 3 a lot. Since it is a luxurious phone, it only makes sense to get the best 25W charger for your Galaxy Z Fold 3. These are the best options 25W chargers for your new Galaxy Z Fold 3.

    Samsung 25w Usb C Super Fast Charging Wall Charger Png

    By Samsung, for Samsung:
    Samsung 25W USB-C Super Fast Charging Wall Charger

    Staff Pick

    First-party chargers like this Samsung 25W Super Fast Wall Charger should always be your first preference. This one’s made for Samsung phones so it will definitely work the best with your Galaxy Z Fold 3. Just note that some versions don’t come with a Type-C cable.

    Anker 25w Pd Wall Charger Png

    Name brand variety:
    Anker 25W PD Wall Charger

    Everyone knows Anker makes some of the best charging products and solutions out there. This 25W PD Wall Charger is no exception. It supports fast charging on Samsung devices so you can get an actual 25W charging speed from it.

    $17 at Amazon

    Spigen 45w Super Fast Gan Charger Pps Charging Png

    Small but mighty:
    Spigen 45W Super Fast GaN Charger, PPS Charging

    GaN is a lightweight material that allows for chargers like this one to be so small yet avoid over-heating. This Spigen 45W Super Fast GaN Charger is a great match for your Z Fold 3 as it has PPS charging. This means Z Fold 3 owners can enjoy Samsung’s 25W Super Fast Charging. As a bonus, you can also charge laptops with this powerful adapter.

    $30 at Amazon

    Quickvoltage Usb C Super Fast Charging Pd 25w Wall Charger Png

    Comes with a cable:
    QUICKVOLTAGE USB C Super Fast Charging PD 25W Wall Charger

    Buying a foldable takes its toll on one’s wallet. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, the QUICKVOLTAGE Wall Charger will suit you well. It’s compatible with Samsung and Apple devices and ships with a 5-foot long Type C-C wire, providing good value.

    $15 at Amazon

    Elecjet 25w Super Fast Charging Block Png

    Sleek little thing:
    ELECJET 25W Super Fast Charging Block

    ELECJET’s power brick boasts a dapper look, safety certifications, and support for Samsung’s PPS technology. To cut to the chase, this translates into Super Fast Charging compatibility on all your Samsung phones, including the pricey new Galaxy Z Fold 3. Not to mention, it comes with a 3.3-foot Type C cable.

    $15 at Amazon

    Superer 7 5ft Pd 25w Usb C Ac Charger Png

    Made for the Fold:
    Superer 7.5Ft PD 25W USB C AC Charger

    Superer’s 25W USB C AC Charger may seem a bit expensive at first but it offers enough to make up for the asking price. First off, you get a stunningly long 7.5-foot USB C-C cable. The adapter has been made especially for the Z Fold 2 and supports up to 30W charging speeds, perfect for the succeeding Z Fold 3. It is also pretty durable in nature, making it a long-lasting buy.

    $24 at Amazon

    Charge her up

    If you’re on the hunt for a 25W charger for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, be mindful of your choices. Not every regular phone charger on the market will support the propriety Samsung 25W fast charging tech, so make sure you make a wise decision. Our favorite on the list is Samsung’s very own 25W USB-C Super Fast Charging Wall Charger. As it is made by Samsung, there is no going wrong with this choice and it will work perfectly with your Galaxy Z Fold 3.

    If you want something more efficient we recommend the Anker 25W PD Wall Charger. This charger will deliver your desired 25W fast charging speed. It features Programmable Power Supply (PPS), an extra protocol within Power Delivery used by Samsung. Not many chargers have it, which is why they aren’t capable of fast charging Samsung phones.

    Now that you’ve bagged the perfect phone charger for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, check out some of the best USB C cables to go with it. If your charger didn’t come with a cable, better make sure you use only the best quality wire on your premium folding phone.

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