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    How To Theme Your iPhone X Without Jailbreak 2018

    How To Theme Your iPhone X Without Jailbreak 2018

    So, you got yourself a new iPhone X and you are using it as your primary device and it honestly looks awesome but there are several aspects you always want to change or implement on iOS devices like jailbreak and changing the theme of iphone X. All iPhones are not jailbreakable specially the newer version of iPhones.

    Today we will show you how you can customize your iPhone X without having a jailbreak now, there is no jailbreak available in the world to be downloaded for the iPhone 10 at this point. But Acccording to the source, there are couple of developers in china who are working on the Jailbreak of iPhone X and it is expected that the jailbreak will be out in just couple of month time.

    Theme Your iPhone X Without Jailbreak 2018

    It will take a couple of months before the jailbreak comes out but for now we will show you how you guys can customize your iPhone X without any jailbreak required or without using Third-party apps such as Tutu App or Panda Helper.

    If you guys have every used Android you should know that how it feels when customizing your own android. Customizing gives our phone a new look and we can Customize your Phone everyday and make it look a new Phone that too without Jailbreak.

    iPhone users have certain restriction which they have to follow on their iOS based device and when it comes to customization thats when iphone Shows its limitations as you cannot customize you iphone without using Jailbreak.

    Theme Your iPhone X( Without jailbreak)

    iPhone X lacks a home button and that is one of the most questionable topics which is most asked. Though we cannot put a external home button on our Device but we can customize our iPhone to have an on-screen home button which really comes handy on usage.

    siri without jailbreak 2018

    The Home button acts similar to the home button as we get on the iPhone 8 so if you get a double tap you get a multitasking feature which is very nice, if you hold down you get Siri. If you Hold down towards more bottom side you will get Control Center pop up.

    Multitasking without jailbreak 2018

    This is all customizable by going into settings>general>accesibilities>Assistive touch. You can Choose the level of you Tap that you want to. for a single tap, double tap or Long press or 3D touch, you can also play with the opacity of the Screen.

    Control Center without jailbreak 2018

    You can also change the Location of the home button as you want which comes in handy as it will always be on your reach of your thumb.

    For the Home screen layout  Click here And Download Your own Desired Layout ( iPhone X Wallpaper). After download just apply the screen Layout as your Home wallpaper and thats it you main job is done. For the second Step you need to visit this website  and Click on Blank icon and take a sceenshot of any background you want with or without apps add it on the website and upload it. Step 3 would be saving the image as bookmark and save that as your wallpaper.

    Now you have all all things set-up now you can arrange the different icons on different places as according your choice and you should get a new look to your iPhone devices.

    Well, this written tutorial maybe not quite understandable so we have added a Video down below you can follow the video step by step and apply the same.

    Hope you will customize your iPhone and will make it like a new one. try the process and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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