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    The Pink Whale Challenge: A Challenge To Spread Love

    “In every bad thing you do, there is an idea of doing a whole new better thing”

    It’s just about thinking out of the box and grabbing the idea of a ‘great’ thing from a bad one, This is what the Pink Whale Challenge is; Earlier, in the year we all were introduced and shocked by a game known as the “Blue Whale Challenge”, It was all over the news and not for a good cause, It made people commit suicide in many countries, which made it a point of concern for both parents and the government of various countries.

    What was the Blue Whale Challenge about?

    The blue whale challenge was a 50 days challenge which had 50 tasks to do, which were given by an anonyms administrator. All the tasks were some way or the other hurting the person, and a proof of the task being accomplished had to be sent by the user to get the next challenge. It doesn’t seem that bad right now, but the 50th task was to commit suicide, which is an astonishing fact and has taken more than 100s of lives’

    It was a complete anonyms game and had no website, media pages or other applications which could catch the anonyms administrator.

    Now, A group of people has come up with a “Pink Whale Challenge” or “Baleia Rosa” having the same duration of 50 days and 50 tasks to perform, but the task here are for spreading love.

    The motto of this Pink Whale Challenge is to spread love, the aim as stated on their Facebook page reads:

    “In order to prove that the internet can be used to virtualize the good, the Pink Whale was born. We are not a self-help group! We just believe that we are all capable of promoting love and good!”

    The challenge was developed in April, in Brazil by an app developer called banana dev and is available for Android and iOS and is highly appreciated all over the globe.

    It has challenges like writing things about you which you love, telling your parents how much you love them, unblocking friends on Facebook, forgiving people, and the 50th one is “Save A Life”, which is basically to help a needy.

    It’s completely opposite to Blue Whale, Against the Blue Whale Challenge of carving a whale on the body, the challenge here is to write something good about yourself on your body; There are many other such opposite challenges in Pink Whale.

    In other words Unlike Blue Whale Challenge, The Pink Whale Challenge is trying to save lives and make people love themselves a lot more and value their life.

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