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    The Mitchells vs. The Machines Netflix Soundtrack: Every Song Featured – What’s on Netflix


    the mitchells vs the machines soundtrack list

    The Mitchells vs The Machines – Picture: Sony Animation / Netflix

    Netflix’s biggest animated feature to date has just landed on Netflix and with it comes a superb soundtrack with a range of genres heard throughout. Here’s the complete list of songs featured in the soundtrack for The Mitchells vs. The Machines now on Netflix.

    Releasing on Netflix today is the brand new Sony animation picture that was picked up for Netflix globally due to COVID-19 preventing theatrical releases, The Mitchells Vs. The Machines tells an epic story about a family on a road trip having to later battle robots.

    The movie is well-regarded by all picking up the coveted NYTimes Critic’s Pick and ranks high in our best new Netflix Original movies of 2021 list.

    The score for The Mitchells vs. The Machines is composed by veteran Mark Mothersbaugh. He’s served as composer on a number of huge projects including the likes of Thor: Ragnarok, The Lego Movie and What We Do In The Shadows. Beyond that, the composer is also attached to the upcoming Netflix animated feature America: The Motion Picture as well as the newly rebooted Rugrats series.

    The score album for the movie will be distributed by Sony Classical.

    Full Song List for The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    Let’s now take you through the complete song list for the movie:

    • Lamb and the Lion – The Mae Shi
    • Death to Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!
    • I Want More – Bangs
    • Nyan Cat – Daniwell
    • Live Your Life – T.I. featuring Rihanna
    • California – Grims
    • Every Day’s The Weekend – Alex Lahey
    • (Nothing But) Flowers – Talking Heads
    • Life of the Party – Prty H3ro
    • Icarus – Madeon
    • “The Blue Danube” OP. 314
    • Another Lonely Hangover – Swinging Doors
    • He Was Strange (But I Needed A Ride) – Travis Whitelaw
    • On The Verge – Le Tigre
    • Battle Without Honor or Humanity – Tomoyau Hotei
    • Walk The Dinosaur – Was (Not Was)
    • Dreamy Wonder – Tempura Kidz
    • Ironside – Quincy Jones
    • Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats – Los Campesinos!
    • Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros
    • On My Way – Gab Strum with Alex Lahey

    If you’re looking for a Spotify playlist for the movie, one has been compiled here:

    Did you enjoy the soundtrack for The Mitchells vs. The Machines? Let us know in the comments down below.


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