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    The Google Pixel 5a gets the FCC treatment with a few models in tow


    Google Pixel 5a LeakSource: Steve Hemmerstoffer / Voice

    Pixel fans may not have to wait much longer for the next release. The Google Pixel 5a has reportedly made its way to the FCC, which could indicate an imminent launch.

    The filing for the device was spotted by Android Police and apparently shows a few different variants of the device. One has the model number G1F8F and lists more sub-6 5G bands than the others, which could suggest that it’s a U.S. model given the presence of CDMA, which is still (for now) in use on some of the best 5G networks. Interestingly, there’s no mmWave support listed here.

    There are two additional models present, GR0M2 and G4S1M, which could be international models. The latter model has been previously named as a Japanese variant of the Pixel 5a.

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    Google previously confirmed that the Google Pixel 5a would launch in the U.S. and Japan, although did not mention additional markets, so we’ll have to see if the company surprises us with a broader launch.

    These other models have reduced 5G support, with many of the bands disabled by software. CDMA has also been disabled, while additional LTE bands have been turned on.

    The Pixel 5a is expected to feature a design and spec sheet that are very similar to the Pixel 4a 5G, including a Snapdragon 765 processor as opposed to the rumored Whitechapel chipset that Google is preparing for the Pixel 6. If that’s the case, it’s not entirely clear how Google plans to market the device besides a cheaper alternative to the upcoming flagship Pixel and a potential replacement for one of the best cheap Android phones on the market.

    The rumored launch is set for sometime in August, before the Pixel 6 and the alleged Pixel Watch, so there may not be too long of a wait.

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