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    The 7 Incredible Mistakes of Apple in 2017

    No one is perfect and with no one is Apple included, despite his brutal career of successes. It is not the first time that Apple messes up, but this year in Cupertino seem to have caught the taste of failures, making mistakes more than usual. Do we review the big blunders of Apple in 2017

    Face ID

    Yes, we like Face ID and without a doubt, it seems the biometric method of the future, but we believe that it still has a long way to go. We saw it during the presentation of the iPhone X when it did not recognize Phil Schiller, but after the launch of the iPhone X, we have seen it in our own flesh: with twins, a mother, and her son … she even has problems with Chinese people!

    Production failures of the iPhone X

    Although it has already passed into history, if you’ve been following the evolution of the iPhone X in recent months will know that there were dozens of news about delays in production and supply chain X iPhone.

    Obviously, high demand is good for Apple, but when the delay is so long it can lead to the desperation of potential buyers. Why did not Apple plan a bit better?

    Security flaws in Uber

    If Apple is so committed to the privacy of users, we do not understand how what happened last October, when researchers showed that the iOS app recorded and took pictures of users secretly screens. Apple solved it, but the disappointment is huge.

    Your iPhone X does not like the cold

    The iPhone X is one of those brutal engineering works that we can find and also has a price that we hope will work perfectly. That’s why nobody explained what happened when the iPhone X was exposed to low temperatures.

    And it seems that several users reported that Apple’s flagship screens were freezing, come on, it became insensitive and blocked, making it impossible to be used simply with a drastic change in temperatures, something we do when we just go out into the street in winter. Apple has already fixed the problem, fortunately. Yes, it was not the only problem detected in X iPhone.

    Vulnerabilities in macOS High Sierra

    After an autumn full of complaints about the iOS 11 suite, Apple surprised (for evil) to locals and strangers with a shameful security error in macOS. By the way, this year has not been one but twice the ones that have been reported diverse and critical security failures.

    While the first bug was discovered shortly after its release, allowing hackers to access user passwords in the form of plain text, last month we met the second, as serious or even more so if possible. Apparently, macOS gave access to user privileges to anyone without the need to enter the keys. Fortunately, Apple has already corrected them.

    Leaks at all hours

    Apple likes to keep things secret, but this 2017 has not been possible thanks to two brutal leaks, the Firmware of HomePod and the Golden Master of iOS 11.

    Thanks to them we could know the new mobile operating system of Apple before its launch, as well as other differential features such as Face ID, Animojis or even the particular notch of the iPhone X.

    iOS 11

    iOS 11 has many good things, such as the customizable control center, new photography formats or multitasking on the iPad, but it also has a host of bad things in the form of bugs and incredible failures that sooner or later Apple is solving.

    While several were annoying, probably the one that takes the cake is the brutal consumption of the battery, something especially noticeable in terminals that had a time in the market and the lag that they suffered from its installation.

    Are you missing any other bug from Apple during this 2017? Let us know in the comments

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