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    The 5 Best Places To Show The World Your Logo:

    The 5 Best Places To Show The World Your Logo:

    Your logo is a representation of what your brand promises. If you have managed to create a logo you are happy with, the next step is to get as many people to see it. A logo is an important part of a brand marketing strategy.

    Without your logo, people will not be able to recall and identify you.

    Your logo is the key ingredient to building your brand. It is a part of your corporate identity. You can do it yourself, or get help to create logo online.

    Once you’ve chosen the perfect logo, it’s time to market it. The idea is to place your logo in as many visible spots as you can. This is to ensure that people locate and remember it. However, it should be placed in relevant locations. The right-sized logo in the appropriate place can make all the difference.

    With everyone online these days, the internet is the best place for you to start. There are several locations around the web for you to flaunt and promote your brand logo.

    1. Website

    Your website is the first place you should start. There are several spaces on your website that can be branded with your logo.


    The header of a page is where the attention is automatically drawn to. Most websites even have the logo redirect them to the homepage. A customizable header is a lot more useful in place than just the image of your logo.


    With your website having several content pages, you can cleverly place your logo on all of them. These pages can do more than just convey information. The logo should be at a noticeable location. At the same time, it should not take the attention off the real information


    • Blog


    You are conveying all the information you want to your customers through your blog, a logo on that page is a must.

    The most suitable location is on the top-left-corner. This is where the users generally start reading from. It is the most effective location. Shopify is a popular website that helps retailers create websites and apps. They provide customers with templates that have the logo in the top left corner. There are websites that have tried other locations but without successful results.


    • Be Social


    Use all your social media accounts to showcase your logo. It can be your picture as you will be identified by your logo. Upload your logo onto Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Do not miss out on LinkedIn, Reddit or youtube either.

    In short, place your logo beside every online presence you make.


    Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms. Upload your logo as your twitter picture. Every Time you send out a tweet, people will see it alongside your logo.


    There need not be much to even say about Facebook. The most used social platform is one of the key social media marketing tools. Update your logo as your image. This will give you the recognition you are seeking.


    This being a website to purely showcase images, is the best platform for you to upload your logo. Stay active and keep your followers updated.


    If you don’t already have a youtube account in your company name, then you are a few years behind with that. There are about a billion users on youtube. Videos are one of the most used means to reach people. Use your logo on your youtube page as well.


    • Reach out


    Send Mail

    Email marketing is one of the best ways to make your brand reach to a large number of people. You can keep your customers updated on your products and best offers. This is one place you cannot miss having your logo.


    If you already reach out to people through email, you could also send monthly newsletters to them. This way they can be updated about your company. A newsletter is a great place for you to showcase your logo.


    • Offline


    As important as your online presence is, you need to be present in the “real world” as well. There are quite a few locations you can take advantage on to make your presence known.

    Business Cards

    This is one location you cannot miss having your logo on. Your logo serves as a signature for your company. Be sure your logo is present on all your cards.

    Banners and signs

    If you are marketing your brand through banners, then your logo has to be on it. You are identified by it only when it is associated with your company in all aspects.

    Presentation template

    While making presentations to clients or your staff, make sure you place the logo on all the pages. It could be in a small size on the corner or as a faint background image.

    Office Decor

    The place you have set up your organization should bear your signature logo. This way any clients or customers visiting your office will become familiar with it.

    They can also be printed on stationery, apparels, mugs and T-shirts.


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