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    Technological Progress in Education and Its Obvious Effect

    The Way Technology Can Improve the Process of Education

    Technology has been traditionally considered as something that can impede the regular process of teaching and learning, but time has brought a lot of different standpoints concerning this idea. The thing is that we are the same and technologies continue to develop constantly and extremely quickly, that is why we have to be ready for many changes around us and adapt to them very fast as well.

    Just imagine your life right now without your favorite apps, it is nonsense, as we are used to them, we buy an essay online, communicate and perform many other things that are necessary for our life. These apps help people to save their time carrying out a long list of tasks. This is what we call a modern convenience of our generation.

    It is natural for us to spend much time for adaptation, try to avoid close contacts with something new, but still, we will do it in the nearest future. The same was with the usage of a chalkboard, as people have experienced a long way to invent and successfully use this indispensable helpful element at schools and universities, including offices. The children and students today are called digital natives who need to be more involved in the technological world, but what is more important, must not be its prisoners.

    Most school systems of the world are ready for various technological changes and improvements, but for some reasons (very often financial ones) they have to refuse. Concerning the specific attitude of the UK to technological improvements in education, they are not very willing to keep up with many technological trends and activities.

    Stats for Technological Engagement Among Youth Representatives

    It goes without saying that the educational sector has to be flexible adapting to any contemporary changes to give students and even small children modernized conveniences, which will help to develop all the necessary skills they will definitely implement at the workplace.

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    Teachers are lucky to employ different new types of software and hardware that are appearing in an ongoing way, and consequently, they can use effective tools to involve their students.

    Smartphones and tablets are a bright example of technological gadgets that change the way of teaching and studying today. It is extremely interesting to see the figures of 2016 statistics based on the report of the communications regulator in the UK. Below you will find the stats on the usage of the above-mentioned gadgets:

    • Almost 42% of 5-15-year-olds have their own smartphones;
    • More than 44% of 5-15-year-olds use tablets;
    • 90%-92% of elder people (from 16 to 25 years) have both.

    This is the major reason why so many educational establishments are currently implementing portable learning tools in a form of smart devices. Tablet computers can solve many problems, especially those that are connected with the availability of all the necessary books and materials for learning.

    The usage of these devices can vary individually, but according to the research, the application of tablets during classes is especially beneficial and effective for boys and children who are trailing behind and need some support to be more academically successful. It becomes clear that when a student discovers the surrounding or platform is familiar for him or her, everything starts to go smoother and learning converts into a very engaging process.

    The Powerful Learning Tool in Education

    Wi-Fi or the Internet can serve as an integral part of the teaching and learning process organization, as it gives incomparable access to any information throughout the world in diverse types of formats, for example, video, presentations, webinars, websites, blogs, online games, old librarian books, and even archived information.

    It is important to provide all schools with WI-FI, which will be really quick and secure and will give teachers an opportunity to have a very good internet connection in their classrooms. At the same time, it will help the students to cope with different assignments faster and with certain creativity. It is a fantastic solution for many reasons, and one of the most significant is a chance to learn more and understand the given material better.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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