17 Best TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer Alternative
TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer is the best Software personally I use for remote Desktop or desktop sharing. But There are many TeamViewer Alternative also, and I know you are here to see remote desktop Software like TeamViewer. So without further ado, let’s see 17 Best Alternative to TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Alternative
TeamViewer Alternative

17 Best TeamViewer Alternative

1. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is one of the Best TeamViewer Alternative. It is a remote desktop software and its free for all the users who will use this for personal use. But If you are using for business, you have to pay for it. It is available for almost all the platform whether it is macOS OSX, Windows, Linux or BSD.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another great TeamViewer Alternative. As It has some of the best features in it Like it can allow users to remotely access another user computer through Chrome browser or you can use a Chromebook. It is also available for all the OS.

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3. Remote Desktop Connection

The remote desktop connection is a software for remote desktop made by Microsoft and it comes preinstalled in many windows. So It can be a Teamviewer alternative if you are using windows. The best thing about this Software is if you are windows User, It comes preinstalled.

4.Remote Desktop

Try this Remote Desktop Software and I bet you find this very helpful. In my opinion, this should be your choice of TeamViewer free alternative. Let me tell you Best features and Why I choose this software on my list. First of all, this is the fastest and highest performance remote desktop software. It supports many things like self-optimization, secure, runs on multiple OS (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux), File Transfer, Chrome browser support.

5. UltraVNC Remote Desktop Software

UltraVNC is a software for remote desktop and it is also alternative to TeamViewer. Many users use this software because it is free and Built-in File transfer feature. Software size is also very small.

6. TightVNC

This is the TeamViewer free alternative, it is portable, lightweight and very easy to use.

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7. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a great Remote Desktop Software and also the alternative to TeamViewer. You can connect any other desktop from your browser. By this, you can very quickly connect to any other desktop.

8. NoMachine

This is the Free alternative to Teamviewer and also enterprise one. You can use this if you want a secure connection between you and another user. All the things will work on the basis of encryption. so you don’t have to worry about Security. and basic features like file transfer, chat support are here as well.

9. Remmina

Remmina is a remote desktop alternative to TeamViewer and it for those who use Linux and BSD. It supports RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP, SSH, Telepathy Protocols. you get high-resolution remote desktop here with customizable options like scaling the desktop.

10. VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a Freemium alternative to TeamViewer, and it allows you to view and control another person’s desktop or mobile. It has ssh protection uses vnc protocol.

11. X2Go – Alternative to TeamViewer

This is the alternative to teamviewer and best part of this software is this is an open source desktop software for Linux and it uses the NX technology.

12. mRemoteNG Teamviewer Alternative

This is another Teamviewer Alternative. Main features of this software are it has multi-protocol with remote connections manager.

13. UltraViewer

this is the free TeamViewer Alternative. You can fully control other’s client’s computer to solve any type of problem or any other thing.

14. TigerVNC

Tiger VNC is remote desktop software and TeamViewer alternative. it is running on top of 4th Gen of VNC. It uses all the features of Tight VNC and Turbo VNC. It has JPEG Compression. One more thing is that it is also Open Source Software.

15. Remote Utilities

This is a free TeamViewer Alternative. It has almost the same features and you can use it for free up to 10 Computers.

16. BeamYourScreen

Another free TeamViewer Alternative. it is quick to star or access any desktop. Users can view the other screen without having to run any software. You can install Beamyourscreen software on PC.

17. DesktopNow

this is again free software like TeamViewer Alternative. DesktopNow has a feature. Users need to access the host through a web browser. DesktopNow has good file transfer feature. It will be a great alternative to TeamViewer

All are Alternative to TeamViewer

Hope you find this post Helpful. So Those were the TeamViewer Alternative remote Desktop Softwares. In case we missed any of the best Alternative Please comment down below and For more Subscribe to our Newsletter, you can see on the bottom of the left side.