How to Take Long-Screenshots on New iPad Pro in 2019


Take Long-Screenshots on New iPad Pro in 2019: iPhone keeps on coming with the updated iPad having the whole bunch of new feature. Latest iPad which Apple has launched in the recent time is iPad Pro. It comes with a very nice user interface and updated settings.

One of the latest changes that Apple had made in recent time is to remove the home button from almost every new devices. So if you have been fond of taking a screenshot then you might be in a dilemma about how to take it. As you know that earlier iPad was having a home button from where you can easily take the screenshot.

In this blog, we will try to show how to take a screenshot in iPad pro by different methods which are available. Ironically this is a very simple task given that you have to make some minor changes in your device.

How to Take Screenshots on iPad Pro Without Home Button

Do the below steps to take the screenshots in iPad Pro 2018 models.

  • Press the Volume Up button and Power / Lock button at the same time to take a screenshot on iPad Pro


Take Long-Screenshots on New iPad Pro in 2019:
Take Long-Screenshots on New iPad Pro in 2019:

After doing the above process a camera click sound will ring and the screenshot will be saved in the photo application. Prior to that exactly after taking the screenshot you will be able to preview the screenshot in the corner of your home screen.

You can instantly share the photo or delete it from the preview section.

If you’re having any difficulty taking screenshots on iPad Pro without any front buttons, then try briefly holding the Volume Up button first and then tapping the Power / Lock button to snap the screenshot on iPad Pro 2018 3rd generation and later.

Take Long-Screenshots on New iPad Pro in 2019:
Take Long-Screenshots on New iPad Pro in 2019:

This process to take the screenshot is supported by every iPad pro models which are not having a home button. This method is going to be the default method to take the screenshot in the near future. Apple is now rolling out new device which is not having any home button.

Subsequently, this method is also followed in the iPhone models which are not having the home button. iPhones like iPhone XR and XS are also not having the home button so you can follow this method to take the screenshot.