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    Take advantage of the huge discounts on 11.11 GearBest

    Gearbest is one of the most popular online stores in our country. Thanks to it we can buy technological products that are very difficult to find in shopping malls or in physical stores, as well as being able to find them with a lower price than usual, something that is always appreciated.

    Many times we have brought you the best deals that were momentarily available on their website, but today we want to tell you about a special event prepared by the people of Gearbest. They have baptized it as the Double Eleven Festival, and as it could not be otherwise, it comes loaded with discounts and raffles of all kinds.

    From November 1 to 20 you can enjoy a 25% discount on products for home and garden, 30% on watches15% on computers and PCs and special coupons with up to 50% discount. But that’s not all because there will also be available the classic flash-sale with special prices and special promotions for products back to school.

    Mobile phones, tablets, Android TV, chargers, accessories, backpacks, drones, autonomous vacuum cleaners, etc. There are products for 1,11 dollars! The people of Gearbest have filled their warehouses with technological products so that during these days you will find everything you are looking for without exception.

    In addition, if you download the own Gearbest application – which is available for Android and iOS – and create an account you can receive 100 dollars of discount for free. Do you really need some more reason?

      Gearbest Xiaomi Brand Sale - Up To 60% OFF promotion
    Xiaomi Brand Sale – Up To 60% OFF

    If you are interested, go now to the official website of Gearbest and make sure you get everything that interests you, before someone else takes it from you. Oh, and do not stop looking at it because it will be updated from one day to the next to offer new products at an unbeatable price. Take advantage and do not miss these offers!

    At this point, we all know the so-called “Day of the Bachelors”, the well-known Chinese holiday that celebrates not having a partner. During this event the tradition called to reduce all kinds of products at prices of madness, which has made purchases soar, mimicking in a way the Anglo-Saxon Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    To celebrate the “Day of the Singles”, GearBest has decided to organize flash sales that will start soon and will last until next November 12. From day 8 to 12 we can get 8 different items at half price in the Chinese store. Of course, you have to be aware that these offers will see the light at 1:00 and at 17:00 Spanish time. But this is not all.

    The offers never end

    To make matters much awaited, on November 9 at 10:00 a flash sale will be held where we can a multitude of different products at groundbreaking prices. From tablets PC to 3D printers and through decorative lights and glasses, GearBest offers all kinds of products on its official website at half price.

    If you want to know specifically which products will be discounted next day 7 at 10:00 we can make a small spoiler and tell you that this 3D printer will go down to only 62.06 euros (72.11 dollars) . If you are interested you should know that there will only be 10 units available, so you will have to be extremely fast.

    On the other hand, GearBest also plans to downgrade this Teclast Master T8 tablet PC with a fingerprint sensor to only 85.30 euros ($ 99.11). To make matters more awesome, we can also get Xiaomi glasses with UV protection for 16.45 euros (19.11 dollars). Both the Teclast Master T8 and the Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 glasses have limited stock, so you’ll have to be among the first to get them.

      Gearbest Get Ready for 11.11 Promotion promotion
    Get Ready for 11.11 Promotion

    Now that Christmas is approaching, you will also be interested to know that GearBest will offer the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light for only 33.66 euros (39.11 dollars) \. This ceiling lamp is not only compatible with Amazon Alexa, but also can be controlled by Google Home and through the official application of Xiaomi.

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.



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